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Rewrite AI-Generated Text In Your Personal Writing Style.

Twixify 'humanizes' text generated by ChatGPT to bypass AI detection.

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Works With Text from any AI Writing Tool

Main Function 1

Humanize ChatGPT Text To Bypass AI Detection

Twixify is a tool that converts AI-generated text into text that possesses features of human writing, ensuring it passes undetected through various AI detection tools.

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Writing Style
Sample Human Text To Use As Inspiration
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Main Function 2

Mimic Your Writing Style

Twixify rewrites your AI generated text to mirror your writing style, ensuring it appears as if you wrote it. It's not about just changing a few words here and there; it goes deeper, adjusting syntax, tone, and even the flow to make it seem more 'natural.'

Expand & Elaborate

Designed with SEO in-mind, Twixify can expand on text by providing examples, organizing content and writing with qualities suggested by Google's guidelines.

Output Depth & Length
Personal Experience & Opinions
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Simplified Readability For Humans

Make your text more compatible with your targeted readers.

Rewrite text in your writing style

17 writing characteristics are looked into to mimic your writing style.

Removes Traces Of AI From Text

Make AI-generated text bypass the most 'reputable' AI content detectors.

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How It Works

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1. Paste AI Generated Text

Copy and paste the text into Twixify's Converter.

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2. Enter Your Writing Style

Input some text for the processor to use as inspiration.

🧐 Analytical
🤔 Reflective
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3. Humanize

Select your desired writing preset before selecting the 'humanize' button.

Before & After

Generated With GPT4

"ChatGPT operates by utilizing a deep learning architecture called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), specifically designed for natural language understanding and generation tasks. Trained on vast amounts of text data, ChatGPT learns to predict the next word in a sequence given the preceding context, thereby comprehending and generating coherent responses to user input."

Processed THROUGH Twixify

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Far away sit a Fusce congue dolor sit.consectetur adipiscing amet."

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"Thank you to Nathan for his assistance. We’ve already put Twixify to good use by using it on some of our blog content"

Sebastian Navarro


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Sebastian Navarro


"Scored an atar of 87 for my HSC this year. Shoutout to the nig**s at Twixify for making this happen!"


NSW Highschool Student

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