A Rewriting Tool That Doesn't Just Spin Your Text Through The ChatGPT API

Avoid detection on Turnitin amongst other AI detecting tools by processing your AI-generated content through Twixify.

Word & Phrase Filtering

Removes overused words commonly found in ChatGPT's responses.

Writes Like You Wrote It!

Twixify adapts to your writing style, allowing you to customize aspects such as tone, complexity, structure, terminology, clarity, coherence, audience engagement, depth of knowledge, intent, use of rhetorical techniques + more!

Writing Style Presets

You can create an unlimited number of custom presets for each unique writing style you create.
You can Also Browse custom writing style presets created by other users.

Intention-Based Paraphrasing

Try out various rewriting modes tailored for specific needs, including email, academic, summarization, expansion, and more.

Versatile Function

Twixify will work with both human-written sentences and ChatGPT-generated text.

User Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Suggest and vote for new features in upcoming updates.