2 EASY Ways To Bypass Turnitin AI Detection In 2024

2 EASY Ways To Bypass Turnitin AI Detection In 2024
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- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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What Is Turnitin?

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Turnitin, originally developed by students from the University of California, Berkeley in 1998, has significantly evolved from its initial design as a peer feedback platform for students. Its latest feature is particularly relevant in today's technology-driven educational environment—an AI checker.

Understanding the AI Checker

The AI checker introduced by Turnitin isn't just another tool; it's specifically designed for academic integrity. What sets it apart is its unique approach to detecting AI-generated content. Unlike other AI detectors that might give you a vague "confidence level," Turnitin’s AI checker does something very practical. It shows the percentage of your text it believes might be the work of an AI. This feature is super handy for both students and educators to ensure the originality of academic work.

Why Turnitin’s Approach Matters

For someone like me, who uses Turnitin regularly, this level of detail is crucial. It allows users to see not just whether a part of the text might be AI-generated, but exactly how much of it potentially is. This can be a game-changer when revising or deciding on the acceptability of a document. It’s like having a precise diagnostic tool at your disposal (think of it as checking the health of your text).

Here's How To Bypass Turnitin AI Detection

Before it was even created, the challenge of ensuring your work isn't flagged by Turnitin for AI-generated content was a real concern for many. If you've found yourself facing a high percentage of suspected machine-generated text, I've got a solution that has worked well in my own submissions.

Today, I’ll discuss how I use two specific tools to bypass AI detection on Turnitin. The first is leveraging ChatGPT's capabilities to refine text so it's outputs sound human written. The second involves using a tool called Twixify, which is designed to add human nuances to the text. I've used both methods regularly over the past few months and have significantly reduced the detection rates on my papers.

Using these tools not only helps in avoiding AI detection but also enhances the originality of your content. I've noticed that after applying these techniques, my documents typically show much lower similarity scores on Turnitin. This isn't just about escaping detection; it's about maintaining the integrity of your work by ensuring it reads naturally and adheres to academic standards.

Method 1 - How To Get Past Turnitin With Twixify

Twixify user dashboard

Twixify is particularly effective when you're trying to make sure your work passes through Turnitin's AI Detector, and the best part is, it works 100% of the time. Here's how to use it to bypass Turnitin:

1. Copy and Paste Your Text

The first step is simple: just copy the AI-generated text you have, whether it’s from ChatGPT, Jasper, or another AI writing tool. Twixify is designed to handle text from any source seamlessly.

 Here is an article about KFC chicken which I generated using ChatGPT.

First, I got ChatGPT to write this article about KFC.

Screenshot of Turnitin showing 100% AI generated content detected.

As you can see in the image above, Turnitin's AI detector recognizes that this is 100% AI generated.

2. Choose the Right Mode

Once you've copied your text, you'll paste it into the designated box on Twixify’s interface. This is easy to locate, found on the left side of the page. Now, for basic adjustments, sticking with the basic mode works fine. However, for more complex needs—like getting past sophisticated AI detectors—I switch to custom mode. This option allows for deeper customization of the text, which helps make the output look more natural.

Screenshot of the AI-generated text about KFC, now pasted into Twixify's basic mode interface.

3. Customize Your Style

In custom mode, you can adjust the tone to match your own writing style. There’s a specific section where you can input examples of your writing, which Twixify uses to learn and replicate your style more accurately. I've found that taking the time to tweak this setting can really make a difference in how the final text comes out.

Twixify custom mode interface showing the custom writing style options.

4. Final Touches

Once you’re happy with the settings, pressing the 'humanize' button starts the transformation process. Twixify does a great job here, restructuring the AI text into something that feels genuinely written by a human. Watching the software adjust and refine the text while keeping your original intent intact is quite impressive. Processing should only take about 2 or 3 seconds, and once ready, just press the 'copy' button before pasting the text back into Turnitin to detect AI. Here is the result I got after i pasted the text into Turnitin:

Screenshot of Turnitin showing '0% AI detected'

Paste your AI-generated text into the humanizer below to make it bypass Turnitin's AI detector ↓

Humanize ChatGPT's Output To Bypass AI Detection ↓
Humanize Text
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.

Create AI That's Undetectable By Turnitin

Twixify is a powerful tool that makes your text blend seamlessly, making it incredibly difficult for detection systems to catch. By leveraging advanced rewriting technology, it boosts the quality of your content while ensuring it remains undetectable to various AI detectors.

With Twixify, you can adjust the nuances in your text to make it sound more natural and less mechanical. (This flexibility allows you to experiment with different styles and find what works best for your needs.) It’s a smart approach to ensure your content has the right feel and flow, making it easier to customize and get the exact result you're aiming for.

100% Original Content

Think of Twixify as your go-to tool for ensuring your work stays original. You don't have to worry about Turnitin catching anything because Twixify makes your content untraceable by any plagiarism checker.

Here's why Twixify is great:

  1. Original Work: Twixify makes sure your content is unique. So, if you're concerned about originality, this tool has you covered.
  2. Bypass Plagiarism Checkers: Whether it's Turnitin or any other tool, Twixify ensures that your work will pass without any issues. It's like having an invisibility cloak for your content.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your work won't be flagged gives you confidence. You can submit your assignments or projects without second thoughts.

One tip: always make sure to keep a copy of your original work. It's a good habit and provides a backup just in case. Also, while Twixify is powerful, it’s wise to stay informed about any updates or new features that might enhance its effectiveness (just like you would with any other tool you rely on).

Method 2 - How To Get Past Turnitin By Manually Editing AI-Generated Text

Woman sitting at her desk using ChatGPT to effectively bypass Turnitin.

One straightforward method to steer clear of AI detection by Turnitin is simply to write your papers manually. AI tools, as helpful as they are, tend to follow specific patterns and structures that Turnitin can easily identify as not human-made. Writing manually ensures your content remains unique and free from these detectable patterns.

1. Edit AI-Generated Text

For those times when manual writing isn't feasible and you turn to AI for help, the key is in the editing. AI outputs often come with a certain sameness—overused clichés and repetitive structures that don't quite match the human touch. To make the text more "you," consider rewriting parts of it. Vary your sentence lengths, mix up the structures, and replace any clichéd phrases with your own words. This not only improves the originality of your content but also makes it sound more like you wrote it. (This is particularly useful if you're working under tight deadlines but still want to maintain a personal and unique touch to your writing.)

2. Use Specific Author Styles

Here's a neat trick I found effective: instruct the AI to mimic the style of a known human author. This might sound a bit out there, but it’s good at throwing off AI detectors. I tried this myself by asking it to rewrite a paragraph in the style of an author I admire, and surprisingly, Turnitin's AI detector was completely fooled—giving my text a 0.0% GPT score, effectively marking it as human-written.

FAQ About Bypassing Turnitin

Is it Safe to Use Plagiarism Removers?

Absolutely, using a plagiarism remover like Twixify is safe. When you upload content to Twixify, we ensure that it's handled securely without any misuse or unauthorized sharing with third parties.

How Does The Turnitin AI Detector Work?

When you submit a document to Turnitin, it doesn't just check for plagiarism—it also scans for signs that your work might have been generated by AI tools. This process starts by breaking your document into smaller segments, each a few hundred words long. It's a bit like dissecting a large piece of text to better understand each part on its own while keeping enough context to make sense of the whole (this helps in assessing the text more accurately).

How Does Turnitin Score AI Content?

Each segment then undergoes a detailed examination where sentences are individually scored on a scale from 0 to 1. A score of 0 means Turnitin is confident the sentence was written by a human, while a score of 1 indicates it believes the sentence was produced entirely by an AI.

Turnitin averages these scores to determine the likelihood of AI involvement in the entire document. So, if your document has a high average score, it might raise a red flag that some or all of the content was AI-generated. This scoring system helps Turnitin maintain academic integrity by ensuring that the work submitted is genuinely reflective of a student's own efforts.

Using this system, I've noticed that careful editing and manual review of any AI-assisted writing can greatly reduce these scores. It’s all about maintaining the balance between using modern tools and keeping your work authentically yours. Remember, while AI can help us streamline our writing process, it's our job to ensure the final output reflects our personal voice and meets the required standards.

How Do Plagiarism Removers Work?

Plagiarism removers scan your text against existing content databases to find similarities. Twixify takes this a step further by not only detecting plagiarized parts but also by rephrasing and restructuring sentences. This method uses synonyms and varies sentence formations, making your text unique and undetectable as plagiarized or AI-generated.

What is a Turnitin Detection Bypasser?

A Turnitin detection bypasser like Twixify alters your text so that it's not recognized as plagiarized or AI-generated. It effectively makes your text unique by changing words, sentence structures, and removing repetitive patterns that are typical in AI-generated content.

How Twixify Works

Twixify operates by deeply analyzing and then modifying your AI-generated text. It doesn't simply swap out synonyms but adjusts the core elements of your writing such as syntax, tone, and flow. This comprehensive approach helps ensure the text mirrors your personal writing style closely, making it appear as though you penned it yourself. The goal is to make the text read more naturally, as if flowing directly from your thoughts, rather than being composed by a machine. This nuanced editing process is key to making your text authentic while still benefiting from the efficiency of AI assistance.

Does Using Twixify Guarantee Plagiarism-Free Results?

Yes, Twixify is designed to ensure that the content you process through it becomes unique. It has a high success rate in bypassing plagiarism detectors by transforming the original text enough to avoid detection while maintaining the original message and facts.

How Long Does It Take to Process Text Through Twixify?

The processing time can vary depending on the length of the text and the complexity of the content. Generally, Twixify is quite fast and can process a few paragraphs in mere seconds. For longer documents, it might take a bit longer, but it's still a swift solution compared to manual paraphrasing.

Is There a Word Limit for Using Twixify?

Typically, Twixify handles texts of various lengths effectively. However, for extremely long documents, it might be practical to break the text into smaller sections to ensure the best results and manage the load on the system.

Can Twixify Detect and Remove All Types of Plagiarism?

Twixify is excellent at rephrasing and restructuring text, which helps in avoiding direct plagiarism. However, for more complex types such as mosaic plagiarism or if the text is heavily reliant on unique source material, additional manual review might be necessary to ensure complete originality.


AI-generated text can sometimes trigger plagiarism detectors because it's trained on a broad internet dataset. Twixify is designed to edit AI-generated content to avoid plagiarism detection in systems like Turnitin. It's efficient for handling both original and AI-generated material.

True Or False?

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