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Free ChatGPT Rewriting Tool

Twixify rephrases and condenses text from ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 to improve its clarity and naturalness.

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Rewrite Outputs From ChatGPT

Remove Traces Of ChatGPT Usage

When you process your text through the Twixify Chat GPT Rewriter, your text will become more 'human-like' and therefore will be perceived as human-written rather than AI-generated.   

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Sample Human Text To Use As Inspiration
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Bypass AI Detection

Avoid your text getting flagged as AI after running it through the ChatGPT rewriter. This is great for those who intend to use ChatGPT for SEO or article writing.

Retain Meaning In Your Text

The ChatGPT Rewriter retains the meaning behind your input text. It rephrases your content while preserving the original meaning, providing a clear and fresh expression of your thoughts.

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How To Use The ChatGPT Rewriter

Twixify's online text rewriting tool can rephrase ChatGPT generated text to make it sound unique and human written.

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Basic mode is not recommended for SEO
1. Paste AI Generated Text

Copy and paste the ChatGPT-generated text into Twixify's converter.

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2. Enter Your Writing Style

Input some text for the processor to use as inspiration.

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3. Rewrite AI Text

Press the rewrite button to rewrite the input text.

Before & After

Generated With ChatGPT

"AI text humanizers are web apps designed to refine AI-generated text to mimic human expression seamlessly, creating undetectable AI-authored content. They meticulously humanize AI text, infusing it with nuances and subtleties characteristic of human language, enhancing its authenticity and engagement."

Processed THROUGH Twixify

"AI humanizers are web based tools that basically takes text which was generated by an AI language model (such as ChatGPT), and rewrites it to remove any features that are commonly seen in AI-generated text outputs. Consequently, this makes it harder for someone to tell whether the text was generated using AI or if it was human written."

Basic Mode

"I've been using AI humanizers for quite a bit now, almost daily, and they're pretty handy in making AI-written text look like it was typed out by a real person. These tools basically take your AI-generated content and tweak it so it's less stiffᅳmore like something I would actually say. I've noticed you've got to be a bit careful though; sometimes they miss nuances or overdo the casual tone.
When I first started using these tools, it was mostly out of curiosity, but they've become a part of my routine, especially when I want my reports at work to sound more personalized. They do a great job at stripping away that robotic feel. Just make sure to give it a once-over yourself because now and then, it might smooth over details that matter or add a flair that's a tad too informal for your taste."

SEO Mode + Custom Settings

"For those of you who don't know, AI humanizers are online tools that convert AI-generated text to text that sounds like it was written by a person. I’ve used them myself to smooth out AI text so it's harder to tell it wasn't human-written.  These tools are pretty straightforward to use, you just paste your AI text, hit the rewrite button—usually found at the center of the page—and it does the rest, making the text feel more natural and less robotic."

SEO Mode + custom writing style (2)
Benefits Of Using ChatGPT Rewriter


Not only can you save time with it, but our ChatGPT rewriter also has several benefits compared to manually rewriting articles.

Complete Rewriting

Our ChatGPT Rewriter doesn't just paraphrase some words, instead, it rewrites your entire output which also removes any AI sentence structuring patterns.

Custom Algorithm

Twixify has it's own system for understanding and paraphrasing content.

Save Time

Why spend hours manually rewriting AI-generated text when you can do it in seconds?

Remove Plagiarism

If you've been cheeky and copied content from the internet, Twixify is has a brain of it's own which can understand concepts and explain them in it's own words.

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