124+ Most OVERUSED Words By ChatGPT In 2024

124+ Most OVERUSED Words By ChatGPT In 2024
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What Are The Words That ChatGPT Uses Often?

When you first start working with ChatGPT, it's interesting to notice it has a tendency to favor certain words quite a bit. It's almost as if these words are its best friends! This might come as a surprise, but by taking a closer look at the data, we can see just how true this is. Let's break down what this means for you, especially if you're just getting your feet wet with this tool.

Why Does This Matter?

You might wonder, "Why should I care about which words ChatGPT likes?" Well, it's about knowing how to work better with the tool. For instance, if you understand its language preferences, you can tailor your interactions to get more precise answers. Think of it as learning the best way to ask a teacher a question so that you get the most helpful response.

Breaking It Down

Let's dissect an example to see how this knowledge can be applied. If you're working on a project that involves creative decision-making, like setting up colors, lighting, or timing, knowing how to phrase your questions or prompts to ChatGPT can make a big difference. For example, if ChatGPT often uses specific terms when discussing color adjustments or lighting effects, using those same terms in your questions can lead to more targeted advice.

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How We Came Up With This List

After analyzing thousands of ChatGPT conversations, we've compiled a list of over 124 Words That Are Commonly Used By ChatGPT, ranked by how often they appear, which might change based on the prompts. To simplify, this means I've gathered the most common words used in my responses, providing insight into my language patterns.

All 124 Words That ChatGPT Uses Too Frequently

Communication Styles:

  1. It's important to note
  2. In summary
  3. Remember that…
  4. Furthermore
  5. Additionally
  6. Specifically
  7. Consequently
  8. Importantly
  9. Indeed
  10. Notably
  11. Despite
  12. Essentially
  13. Alternatively
  14. Also
  15. Even though
  16. Because
  17. In contrast
  18. Although
  19. Due to
  20. Given that
  21. Arguably
  22. You may want to
  23. On the other hand
  24. As previously mentioned
  25. It's worth noting that
  26. To summarize
  27. Ultimately
  28. To put it simply

Action Words:

  1. navigating
  2. dive
  3. tailored
  4. embark
  5. unlock the secrets
  6. unveil the secrets
  7. elevate
  8. unleash
  9. harness
  10. Delve into
  11. Take a dive into
  12. mastering
  13. excels
  14. Imagine
  15. Dive into
  16. Enhance
  17. Emphasise / Emphasize
  18. Revolutionize
  19. Foster
  20. Subsequently
  21. Whispering
  22. Reverberate
  23. Promptly


  1. meticulous
  2. complexities
  3. realm
  4. understanding
  5. everchanging
  6. ever-evolving
  7. daunting
  8. cutting-edge
  9. robust
  10. power
  11. Tapestry
  12. Bustling
  13. Vibrant
  14. Metropolis
  15. Crucial
  16. Essential
  17. Vital
  18. Keen
  19. Fancy
  20. Labyrinth
  21. Gossamer
  22. Enigma
  23. Indelible

Contextual Phrases:

  1. the world of
  2. In today's digital age
  3. designed to enhance
  4. it is advisable
  5. when it comes to
  6. in the realm of
  7. Analogies to being a conductor or to music
  8. In the world of
  9. As a professional
  10. However
  11. Therefore
  12. Generally
  13. While
  14. Unless
  15. In order to
  16. Even if
  17. My friend
  18. In conclusion
  19. hey
  20. game changer
  21. Landscape
  22. Testament
  23. Firstly
  24. Moreover
  25. To consider
  26. There are a few considerations
  27. Ensure
  28. It's essential to
  29. As well as
  30. Sights unseen
  31. Sounds unheard
  32. Remnant
  33. Nestled
  34. Game changer

How To Avoid These Words When Using ChatGPT

Paste your text into the free ChatGPT rewriter to not only paraphrase all the generic and obvious ChatGPT words, but to also make your text sound like it was human written. Just bear in mind that the words ChatGPT uses too often is just one of many common properties found in text generated by ChatGPT. There are other factors that experienced humans and bots such as AI detectors can pick up on to decipher your AI-generated text from human-written text. The ChatGPT rewriter also modifies these other properties to make your text 100% different to AI text!


To better interact with ChatGPT and get precise responses, familiarize yourself with its commonly used vocabulary. Incorporate these terms in your prompts to align your questions closer to its language style, boosting the effectiveness of your queries. Alternatively, you can ask ChatGPT to avoid these words in it's responses to get a more 'human' sounding output.

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