ALL 4 Ways To Connect & Access The Internet With ChatGPT (2024)

ALL 4 Ways To Connect & Access The Internet With ChatGPT (2024)
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- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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How To Connect Chatgpt To The Internet

Re-enabling Bing Search in ChatGPT marks a significant leap in accessing current information, complemented by three other methods: ChatGPT Plugins, Chrome extensions, and an alternative workaround. As a frequent user, I've found these tools invaluable. The ChatGPT Plugins, easily accessible from the ChatGPT toolbar, provide a direct link to external data sources, ideal for real-time updates. For instance, when I needed the latest stock market trends, these plugins were my first stop for instant insights. On the other hand, Chrome extensions, which can be quickly installed, facilitate a seamless integration of ChatGPT with web browsing. I often use this while online shopping, enabling me to compare tech specs directly through ChatGPT. This method is particularly handy for quick, on-the-spot research.

The alternative method, though less frequently used, serves as a solid backup for niche topics not covered by plugins. However, the reinstated Bing Search within ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me. Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless information retrieval from Bing, making it my go-to for broader queries. For example, tracking a breaking news story became a breeze with this feature, providing comprehensive insights without leaving ChatGPT. While each tool has its unique strengths, I tend to favor the direct integration of plugins and the broad search capabilities of Bing. It's crucial to choose the right tool for your needs, keeping in mind the accuracy and recency of the information you seek, as these methods rely on external sources.

Method 1 - Connecting Through The 'browse With Bing' Feature Available On Gpt4 

The image sequence illustrates the step-by-step process of enabling 'Browse with Bing' in ChatGPT, presented through ultra-realistic computer screen visuals.

OpenAI's latest update has reintroduced the "Browse with Bing" feature in ChatGPT, a real game-changer for accessing up-to-date internet content directly. Here's a deep dive into how to navigate this feature, based on my regular use and exploration. Remember, this feature requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which is $20 a month – a fair price for such an expansive tool.

Step 1: Launching ChatGPT and Accessing Settings

OpenAI's reintroduction of "Browse with Bing" in ChatGPT marks a significant step in accessing real-time internet data. To start, navigate to ChatGPT's website. Once there, the key is to locate the "Settings" icon, which you'll find subtly placed in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Initially, it might be easy to overlook, but it's the gateway to customizing your ChatGPT experience. I've found myself regularly accessing this section to tweak various settings, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Step 2: Enabling 'Browse with Bing' in Beta Features

In the "Settings", you'll want to dive into the "Beta features" section. This area is like a gold mine for those of us who love to explore and leverage the latest tools that OpenAI offers. Here, you'll find the "Browse with Bing" toggle – a simple switch that brings a wealth of internet content to your fingertips. My routine involves frequently toggling this feature to switch between standard ChatGPT capabilities and enhanced internet browsing, depending on what my task at hand requires.

Step 3: Selecting the GPT-4 Model

The next crucial step is selecting the "GPT-4" model from the drop-down menu. This model is pivotal for ensuring that you're using the most advanced and capable version of ChatGPT, especially when interacting with the "Browse with Bing" feature. The model selection menu is conveniently located and user-friendly, making the switch between different models effortless. From my experience, using GPT-4 in conjunction with the browsing feature significantly enriches the quality of information and responses received.

Step 4: Using 'Browse with Bing' to Ask Questions

Finally, the core functionality of "Browse with Bing" – asking questions. With this feature enabled, your ChatGPT session elevates to a dynamic search tool, capable of fetching the latest internet data on virtually any topic. The process is as straightforward as typing your query into ChatGPT. The integration of Bing search results into ChatGPT's responses has consistently impressed me with its speed and relevance, providing a seamless blend of AI-generated responses and real-time web data. Remember, while "Browse with Bing" greatly expands ChatGPT's capabilities, the accuracy and timeliness of the information are subject to Bing's search efficacy, so cross-referencing with other sources is always a prudent practice.

Method 2 - Using Plugins (Most Accurate & More Reliable)

Step 1: Enabling ChatGPT Plugins and Accessing Plugin Store

Integrating internet connectivity into ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me, especially with the KeyMate.AI Search plugin. First things first, make sure you're subscribed to ChatGPT Plus – it's a prerequisite for accessing the plugins. Once you're in, enabling the ChatGPT Plugins is your first step. This can be done right from the main interface of ChatGPT. I find the Plugin activation quite intuitive; it’s just a toggle away. Next, head over to the "Plugin store," located under the "GPT-4" settings. This is where you'll find a myriad of plugins, but our focus is on KeyMate.AI. The store’s search function is straightforward – just type in "KeyMate.AI" and hit enter. From my experience, the installation process is smooth and quick, typically taking just a few seconds.

Step 2: Activating KeyMate.AI Plugin and Utilizing Its Features

After installing KeyMate.AI, you need to enable it from the dropdown menu under GPT-4. Look for the plugin in the list and click on it – a blue tick will appear next to it, indicating it's active. This is where KeyMate.AI really shines. You can now start asking questions, and the plugin fetches the latest internet data, combining results from various sources. I’ve tested it with multiple queries and the breadth of information it pulls in is impressive. Another cool feature is giving a URL as input – KeyMate.AI can access and summarize live webpages. I tried this with a paywalled link; understandably, it couldn't retrieve the content, but for regular web pages, it works like a charm. In my usage, KeyMate.AI has consistently proven to be a reliable tool for bridging ChatGPT with the web, despite the minor inconvenience of a sponsored link in the responses.

Method 3 - Using FREE Plugins (Just As Accurate & Reliable As The Paid Plugin, But Limited By Responses)

The image illustrates the step-by-step process of using the WebChatGPT Chrome extension with ChatGPT, showing the necessary actions on a computer screen.

Step 1: Installing WebChatGPT Chrome Extension

When it comes to connecting ChatGPT to the internet without spending a dime, the WebChatGPT Chrome extension is your best bet. I've found it to be a straightforward and efficient tool. To get started, you need to install this extension. This can be done by visiting the Chrome Web Store. Simply search for 'WebChatGPT', and it'll pop right up. Click on 'Add to Chrome', and within moments, it integrates seamlessly with your browser. I remember the installation process being quick and hassle-free, something I particularly appreciate as someone who likes to keep things efficient.

Step 2: Using WebChatGPT with Free ChatGPT

Once the extension is installed, open the free version of ChatGPT. This is easily accessible through the OpenAI website. A great thing about this extension is that you don't need the latest GPT-4 model to use it, making it accessible to more users. At the bottom of the ChatGPT interface, there's a toggle for 'Web access'. Make sure this is turned on – a simple click will do. This activates the extension's functionality within ChatGPT. In my experience, toggling this feature on and off is straightforward and the changes are immediate. Now, you're all set to ask questions on any subject. The extension processes the queries using internet sources, providing you with the latest information through ChatGPT. I've used this feature numerous times for various queries and found the responses to be enriched with current, web-sourced data, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the topics at hand.

Method 4 - Using Bing's AI Search Feature (Limited & VERY Slow, But FREE!)

Using Bing's AI Chat

Step 1: Opening Bing Chat

Microsoft's Bing Chat, harnessing the power of OpenAI's GPT-4, offers unrestricted internet access, a feature that sets it apart from many plugins and extensions. To use Bing Chat, start by opening your preferred browser and visiting The process is user-friendly and compatible across various browsers like Chrome and Firefox, which I find particularly convenient as it allows for flexibility in browser choice.

Step 2: Navigating to Bing Chat

Once on, locate the “Chat” button. This is usually found in the top-left corner of the webpage. The placement is intuitive and easily noticeable, making the transition from browsing to chatting smooth. I've always appreciated how seamlessly Microsoft integrates its features into the browser interface, enhancing the user experience.

Step 3: Engaging with Bing Chat

In Bing Chat, you can inquire about any recent topic. The chat interface is straightforward: simply type your question into the chat box. Bing Chat utilizes its own search engine to source results, offering a unique perspective compared to Google-based sources. This integration of Bing's search capabilities with the GPT-4 model allows for a diverse range of internet-sourced information. In my use, I've found Bing Chat to be particularly adept at providing up-to-date information, combining the strengths of Bing's search engine with the advanced conversational abilities of GPT-4.


To connect ChatGPT to the internet, first choose a method: the native “Browse with Bing” feature in ChatGPT Plus, the free WebChatGPT Chrome extension, or Microsoft's Bing Chat on any browser. Each option offers unique ways to access up-to-date information, with simple activation steps like enabling toggles or visiting specific websites.

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