25 BEST ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts In 2024

25 BEST ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts In 2024
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ChatGPT Prompts For Copywriting

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that has become popular for its versatility, including copywriting. It can significantly simplify and enhance the copywriting process by providing creative and efficient solutions. For those who are new to using ChatGPT in this context, here’s a straightforward guide on how it can boost your marketing efforts.

The Impact of Good Copy

Good copy on your website is crucial in marketing as it can convert a casual browser into a dedicated customer. By leveraging AI like ChatGPT, you can enhance your content to attract and engage more effectively. ChatGPT helps by offering prompts that refine your messaging, ensuring it resonates well with your audience.

Quick Adoption and Usage

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT quickly reached 100 million users, outpacing platforms like Twitter and Netflix in user acquisition. This rapid adoption underscores its utility and effectiveness across various tasks beyond just writing, such as coding.

Using ChatGPT Prompts for Enhanced Copywriting

Using ChatGPT prompts is an excellent way to improve your content. These prompts guide you in crafting compelling copy that speaks directly to your audience’s needs and interests. Whether it's creating persuasive product descriptions or engaging blog posts, ChatGPT can provide a range of prompts to suit different needs.

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Prompt 1: Crafting Product Descriptions

Use Case: Generate concise and appealing product descriptions to enhance online listings. Prompt: "Write a product description for a [product type, e.g., 'smartwatch'] focusing on its key features, ideal customer benefits, and why it's superior to competitors. Ensure the tone is engaging and tailored to appeal to [target audience]."

Prompt 2: Blog Post Introduction

Use Case: Create a compelling introduction for blog posts to capture readers' interest. Prompt: "Compose an introductory paragraph for a blog post titled '_____.' The blog discusses [topic] and aims to attract [specific audience]. Start with a hook and briefly introduce the main points."

Prompt 3: Email Marketing Campaign

Use Case: Craft personalized email marketing content to boost customer engagement. Prompt: "Create a series of three emails for a campaign promoting [specific product/service]. The first email should introduce the product, the second should highlight customer testimonials, and the third should offer a limited-time discount. Tailor the tone to [target audience]."

Prompt 4: Social Media Post Creation

Use Case: Generate engaging content for social media to enhance brand visibility. Prompt: "Develop a social media post for [platform] about [topic]. Include a call-to-action that encourages engagement such as likes, shares, or comments. Target the post towards [specific audience]."

Prompt 5: Website Content Refresh

Use Case: Update website content to improve clarity and SEO performance. Prompt: "paraphrase the homepage content for a website specialized in [industry]. Focus on incorporating keywords related to [relevant keywords] while maintaining a professional and inviting tone."

Prompt 6: Ad Copy for Online Advertising

Use Case: Create catchy ad copy suitable for online advertising platforms. Prompt: "Write a short ad copy for a [type of product/service] targeting [demographic]. The ad should highlight the unique selling proposition and include a compelling call-to-action."

Prompt 7: User Testimonial Rewrite

Use Case: Refine raw customer testimonials for marketing purposes. Prompt: "Edit the following customer testimonial to enhance its clarity and impact while keeping the original sentiment: '_____.' Ensure the revised testimonial is concise and suitable for [use case, e.g., website, social media]."

Prompt 8: FAQ Section for Product Page

Use Case: Develop a Frequently Asked Questions section for a product page to address common customer inquiries. Prompt: "Create an FAQ section for a [product type]. Include answers to the five most common questions about the product, focusing on its specifications, usage, and maintenance."

Prompt 9: Press Release Drafting

Use Case: Write press releases to announce company news or product launches. Prompt: "Draft a press release announcing the launch of [new product/service]. Include background information about the company, details of the product, quotes from the CEO, and where customers can learn more."

Prompt 10: Content Ideas Generation

Use Case: Generate ideas for content marketing to explore different angles or topics. Prompt: "List 10 content ideas for articles related to [industry or topic]. Each idea should cater to different aspects of [specific interest area], targeting [audience]."


To properly use ChatGPT for copywriting tasks, begin by selecting prompts tailored to specific content needs, such as product descriptions or blog introductions. One benefit of this approach is that it streamlines content creation, although sometimes ChatGPT may require fine-tuning to match the exact tone and style desired.

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