20 ChatGPT Prompts for Virtual Assistants In 2025

20 ChatGPT Prompts for Virtual Assistants In 2025
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How To Use ChatGPT For VA Work

From my experience, the key to becoming a standout executive assistant isn't just about managing schedules or handling correspondence; it's about mastering the art of using AI effectively. AI tools like ChatGPT aren't just another piece of software; they are powerful allies that amplify my productivity. By crafting precise prompts, I ensure the AI understands exactly what I need, from drafting emails to managing complex projects.

In this guide, I share 25 practical prompts that have streamlined my workflow. These aren't just theoretical examples; they are tools I use daily to get the job done faster and more accurately. Each prompt is designed to help you, as an executive assistant, communicate effectively with AI, turning it into a valuable member of your team. This isn't about fearing technology but about embracing it to make our jobs easier and our outputs more impressive.

By the end of this article, you'll have a toolkit of prompts at your disposal, empowering you to handle more tasks with greater precision. This is how I stay ahead in the fast-paced role of an executive assistant, and now, you can too.

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1. Daily Schedule Summary

Use case: This prompt helps virtual assistants quickly generate a summary of your daily schedule, ensuring you're prepared for the day ahead.

Prompt: "Summarize my schedule for today, highlighting any overlapping appointments and reminding me of prep time needed for each meeting."

2. Email Drafting for Appointment Requests

Use case: Use this prompt to have the AI draft an email for setting up meetings, saving time on routine correspondence.

Prompt: "Draft an email to _____, requesting a meeting about _____ on _____ at _____, and include a polite inquiry about their availability."

3. Travel Itinerary Planning

Use case: This prompt assists in creating a detailed travel itinerary, including timings, transportation modes, and accommodations.

Prompt: "Plan a travel itinerary from _____ to _____ on _____, considering flights, ground transportation, and recommended hotels."

4. Expense Report Compilation

Use case: Automates the generation of expense reports from collected receipts and expenses.

Prompt: "Compile an expense report for the period _____ to _____, categorizing expenses into travel, meals, supplies, and other."

5. Client Follow-Up Email

Use case: Streamlines the process of following up with clients after meetings or events, maintaining professionalism and punctuality.

Prompt: "Compose a follow-up email to _____ regarding our recent meeting/discussion on _____, emphasizing key points and next steps."

6. Research on Specific Topics

Use case: Helps in gathering concise, relevant information on specified topics, enhancing decision-making and briefing processes.

Prompt: "Provide a detailed summary of recent developments in _____, focusing on impacts and insights for our industry."

7. Meeting Reminder Setup

Use case: Ensures that all meeting participants receive timely reminders, reducing the chances of missed appointments.

Prompt: "Set up reminders for the meeting on _____ with _____, including a reminder one day before and one hour before the meeting starts."

8. Document Drafting for Projects

Use case: Facilitates the drafting of documents related to specific projects, including proposals, plans, and reports.

Prompt: "Draft a project proposal for _____ that outlines the objectives, proposed timeline, budget, and key personnel."

9. Social Media Content Creation

Use case: Generates ideas and drafts for social media posts tailored to specific campaigns or themes.

Prompt: "Create a series of social media posts for the upcoming campaign about _____, focusing on engagement and key messages."

10. Feedback Collection and Analysis

Use case: Streamlines the process of collecting and analyzing feedback from various stakeholders, aiding in improvement and strategy adjustment.

Prompt: "Design a feedback form for _____ event/service, and summarize the responses to identify key areas for improvement."

11. Daily News Briefing

Use case: Keeps you updated with a brief summary of the latest news relevant to your industry or interests, helping you stay informed effortlessly.

Prompt: "Generate a daily news briefing focusing on the latest developments in _____ (industry/topic) for today."

12. Cover Letter Creation for Job Applications

Use case: Assists in crafting personalized cover letters for job applications, tailored to specific job descriptions and company culture.

Prompt: "Create a cover letter for my application to _____ for the position of _____, highlighting my skills in _____ and my interest in their recent project on _____."

13. Weekly Task Prioritization

Use case: Helps in organizing and prioritizing tasks for the week, ensuring efficient time management and productivity.

Prompt: "List and prioritize my tasks for the week based on urgency and importance, including deadlines for each task."

14. Project Status Update Requests

Use case: Facilitates communication by drafting requests for updates from team members on specific projects.

Prompt: "Draft an email to _____ requesting a current status update on the _____ project, including any challenges faced and assistance needed."

15. Client Onboarding Process Outline

Use case: Streamlines the creation of a detailed onboarding process for new clients, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive introduction to services or products.

Prompt: "Outline a comprehensive onboarding process for new clients that includes initial meetings, documentation required, and first steps in our collaboration."

16. Recipe Suggestions Based on Dietary Restrictions

Use case: Generates meal ideas and recipes based on specific dietary restrictions, preferences, or ingredients available.

Prompt: "Suggest five dinner recipes that are _____ (dietary restriction) and include _____ (specific ingredient), with preparation steps."

17. Personal Development Plan Drafting

Use case: Assists in drafting a personal development plan, focusing on career goals, skills enhancement, and timelines.

Prompt: "Draft a personal development plan for the next year with goals related to advancing my career in _____, including milestones and resources needed."

18. Preparation Checklist for Events

Use case: Creates comprehensive checklists for preparing and executing various types of events, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Prompt: "Generate a detailed checklist for preparing for the _____ event, including items needed, tasks to be completed, and deadlines."

19. Customer Service Response Templates

Use case: Provides templates for responding to common customer inquiries or complaints, enhancing consistency and efficiency in customer service.

Prompt: "Create response templates for the top five most common customer questions about our products, focusing on clarity and helpfulness."

20. Investment Portfolio Review

Use case: Assists in reviewing investment portfolios by generating a detailed analysis of performance, risk, and recommendations for adjustments.

Prompt: "Provide a review of my investment portfolio, focusing on performance over the last six months and recommendations for potential adjustments based on current market conditions."


Start by clearly defining the task and any necessary specifics ChatGPT needs to know; this ensures the responses are directly useful. One downside is that sometimes ChatGPT might misinterpret more complex instructions, but on the flip side, it's incredibly efficient for automating routine tasks, significantly saving time.

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