2 ChatGPT Prompts For Rewriting Text [2024] - Twixify.com

2 ChatGPT Prompts For Rewriting Text [2024] - Twixify.com
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Humanize Text

How Do I Prompt ChatGPT To Rewrite Text?

When you're asking ChatGPT to rewrite a text, think of it as giving instructions to an assistant. The clearer you are, the better the result will be.

Start with Specific Instructions

Be clear about your goals. Do you want to shorten an article, improve its readability, or change its tone from formal to casual? Specify this upfront. For example, "I want to rewrite the following report to make it clear and concise for a blog audience."

Define the Tone and Style

Decide whether you want the text to sound formal or conversational. Mention this in your prompt. A consistent voice throughout the text is important.

Highlight Key Points

Point out any critical information that should remain unchanged. This ensures that the main message of the original content isn't lost.

Specify Exclusions

If there are any terms or phrases you want to avoid, mention them. This makes the final text more accessible and user-friendly.

ChatGPT Rewrite Prompt

Use this prompt to rewrite text however you like:

Objective: Rewrite the following text to make it clear and concise for a blog audience.

Tone and Style: [Formal/Conversational/Casual - Choose one]

Key Points to Retain: [List critical information that should not be omitted]

Exclusions: Avoid using jargon or specific phrases such as [List any phrases or jargon to avoid]

Original Text:

[Insert the text you want to be rewritten]

Additional Instructions:

  • Ensure the rewritten text is unique and aligns with the original meaning.
  • Follow SEO best practices: use relevant keywords naturally and maintain an optimal word count.
  • If the first rewrite doesn't meet the requirements, I may ask for adjustments or reruns.

How To Use This Prompt

This prompt is your go-to tool for getting ChatGPT to rewrite text effectively. Whether you need to condense an article, shift its tone, or make it more engaging for a blog audience, this prompt has got you covered.

  1. Set Your Goal: Be clear about what you want. Are you looking to make the text shorter, easier to read, or more conversational? Specify this upfront.
  2. Define the Tone: Decide if you want a formal, casual, or conversational style. This helps keep the new text consistent.
  3. Keep Key Points: Highlight any crucial info that should stay. This ensures the main message isn't lost.
  4. Avoid Jargon: Mention any phrases or jargon you want to skip to keep the text user-friendly.
  5. Insert Your Text: Paste the original text you want to be rewritten.

What You Can Do With It:

  • Streamline Content Creation: Save time by letting ChatGPT handle the initial rewrite.
  • Maintain Original Meaning: Keep the essence of your text while changing the wording.
  • SEO Friendly: Ensure your content still follows SEO best practices.
  • Iterate as Needed: If the first result isn't perfect, tweak your instructions and try again.

Another Way To Rewrite ChatGPT Text

You can also use the ChatGPT rewriter tool online to rewrite text in any way you like. If you main reason to rewrite text is to humanize it, then this is your best (and fastest) option.

Humanize ChatGPT's Output To Bypass AI Detection ↓
Humanize Text
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Ways To Get Different Rewriting Styles With ChatGPT

Simplify Complex Ideas

  • Break Down Complex Sentences: Ask ChatGPT to simplify complex ideas into clear, easy-to-understand sentences. This makes your content more accessible to a wider audience.

Emphasize Key Points

  • Highlight Important Information: Direct ChatGPT to emphasize key points by using bullet points or bold text. This helps readers quickly grasp the main ideas.

Enhance Engagement

  • Use Questions: Instruct ChatGPT to include rhetorical questions or calls to action. This engages readers and encourages interaction.

Maintain Consistency

  • Stick to One Style: Ask ChatGPT to ensure that the entire text follows a consistent style and tone. This makes the content more cohesive and professional.

Focus on Clarity and Brevity

  • Simplify Language: Ask ChatGPT to use simple and clear language, avoiding complex words or jargon. This makes the text easier to understand.
  • Condense Content: Request that ChatGPT shorten lengthy paragraphs or sections without losing the main points. This keeps the content concise and to the point.

Improve Readability

  • Use Short Paragraphs: Direct ChatGPT to break down long paragraphs into shorter ones. This enhances readability and makes the content less intimidating.
  • Add Subheadings: Ask ChatGPT to insert subheadings to organize the content better. This helps readers quickly find the information they need.

Add a Personal Touch

  • Inject Personality: Request ChatGPT to add a bit of humor or personality to the text. This can make the content more engaging and relatable.
  • Share Anecdotes: Ask ChatGPT to include relevant anecdotes or examples. This helps illustrate points and keeps the reader interested.


To prompt ChatGPT to rewrite a text, clearly state your goal, specify the desired tone, highlight key points, and mention any exclusions. For example: "Rewrite the following text to make it clear and concise for a blog audience. Use a conversational tone. Keep the main message and avoid jargon." Then, insert the text you want rewritten.

True Or False?

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