Conch AI Review [2024] - 5 Facts To Know Before Using

Conch AI Review [2024] - 5 Facts To Know Before Using
"This DESTROYED My ChatGPT Workflow!"
- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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Imagine trying to piece together an essay, where your thoughts are clear but the words just won't line up. That's where I found myself, before I stumbled upon Conch AI. This tool is like a bridge, helping to connect my ideas with the written word, aiming to polish my rough drafts into smooth, readable essays. I was drawn to it because, let's be real, who hasn't faced the blank screen dilemma?

So, here's the scoop from my experience. Conch AI presents itself as your go-to for turning jumbled sentences into coherent pieces. It's meant to help you get your thoughts out and tidy them up. But, there's a catch. While they promise 1000 free credits, that's not exactly how it pans out. You only get to use these credits for detecting AI-written text, not for the more useful paraphrasing or humanizing feature. If you want to actually refine your text, you're looking at $10 a month or $60 annually.

Now, let's talk about the output. Sure, it can churn out text that sneaks past AI detectors, but the quality? Questionable. The choice of words like "scourge" or "sprawls" left me puzzled, far from the everyday vocabulary most of us are used to. And while I hoped it would expand on my ideas, it actually trimmed my 300-word draft down to 220, leaving sentences feeling choppy and incomplete.

Despite these quirks, I see the potential in Conch AI for someone looking to refine their draft with a bit of guidance. Just be prepared for a bit of a learning curve and to potentially edit the edits.

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Who I'd Recommend Conch.AI To

Based on my experiences and the core functionalities of the tool, here's a breakdown of who I think should consider using Conch AI for their writing needs.

Students and Academic Work

For students grappling with the demands of essays, research papers, or any academic writing, Conch AI emerges as a significant ally. It's not about getting the work done for you but more about finding a starting point when you're stuck or refining your thoughts. I've found it immensely helpful for brainstorming and developing a coherent structure for my essays. If you're a student, using Conch AI with transparency—meaning, informing your educators about using such a tool—can help you navigate academic writing more effectively.

Professionals with Writing Tasks

In the workplace, where writing project proposals, reports, or even emails can take up a significant chunk of your day, Conch AI can streamline the process. It helps lay down a first draft or provides a fresh perspective on your writing tasks. For me, it's been like having an assistant to bounce ideas off of, especially when I'm trying to convey complex ideas succinctly. Professionals looking to improve efficiency in writing tasks might find Conch AI particularly useful.

Writers Seeking a Creative Boost

Creativity isn't always on tap, and writers often face the dreaded block. Conch AI, in this context, serves as a source of inspiration or a tool to break through the creative barrier. It's been beneficial for me when I needed to generate ideas or explore different angles for my stories and articles. Writers looking for a nudge to get their creative juices flowing might find Conch AI to be a helpful companion.


Conch AI pricing

Choosing the right tool to aid in your creative or professional writing can be quite the decision. That's where understanding the various offerings of a tool like Conch comes into play. I've had the opportunity to use Conch in various capacities, and I'm here to share my insights on its different pricing plans. These insights are grounded in my personal experience and aimed to guide you in making an informed decision that best suits your needs.

Conch Classic - Free Version

Starting with Conch Classic, this free version is a solid starting point for anyone dipping their toes into the world of enhanced writing. It offers a 1,000-word limit, which, in my experience, is quite generous for casual or infrequent use. The Chrome extension and enhancer feature work seamlessly together, allowing for an improved writing experience directly in your browser.

For those just starting out or perhaps writing shorter documents, the Classic version is quite the boon. It's easy to use, and I've found it incredibly useful for quick edits or brainstorming sessions. The only drawback, of course, is the word limit, which may require some workarounds for longer projects.

Conch Pro - $9.99 per Month

Moving up to Conch Pro, the monthly fee of $9.99 brings a significant upgrade in features, most notably the jump to a 10,000-word limit. This has been a game-changer for me when working on larger projects. The Chrome extension and enhancer are still part of the package, but you also get a citation generator and an ad-free experience.

The citation generator is a standout feature for anyone involved in academic or research-based writing. It saves a lot of time and ensures your citations are formatted correctly. Personally, I've found the ad-free experience to make the overall writing process smoother and less distracting.

For professionals or students who deal with longer documents and need reliable citation support, Conch Pro is well worth the investment.

Conch Limitless - $19.99 per Month

Lastly, Conch Limitless offers everything you could need for an unrestricted writing experience. At $19.99 per month, you get unlimited words, all the features from the Pro version, plus early access to new features.

The unlimited word count is perfect for those involved in extensive writing projects. I've used it for large-scale research papers and found it invaluable. The early access to new features has also been intriguing, offering a peek into future enhancements that can further streamline the writing process.

This plan is ideal for heavy users, professionals, and anyone who values having the most comprehensive toolset at their disposal.


Conch is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write faster and more effectively.

Auto-cite and Study Tools

For academic writing, the auto-cite feature is a game changer. It removes the hassle of managing citations manually, ensuring that your work meets the necessary academic standards without the extra legwork. It's a feature I've come to rely on for its accuracy and ease of use.

The study tools, including the ability to upload course materials and generate study sets, have redefined my approach to learning and revision. The live note-taking and flashcard generation features have streamlined my study sessions, making them more effective and less time-consuming.

Writing Assistant

The writing assistant, with its "Next Sentence" button, is quite the feature for moving your writing forward. However, the limitation of one sentence at a time before hitting a prompt can be a bit of a hiccup. From my experience, this is likely a tactic to encourage a move to a paid plan, but it can interrupt the flow. While the idea might be to reduce spam, easing up on this restriction could enhance user experience, especially for those in the brainstorming phase of their work.

Chrome Extension

First up, the Chrome extension. This has been a lifesaver for me. Instead of logging into the Conch platform every time I need help with my writing, I can just use the extension directly in Google Docs or other platforms. It's like having a writing assistant always ready, without the need to switch tabs or applications. For someone who writes across different platforms, this feature seamlessly integrates into your workflow, making the process smooth and efficient.

Enhancer Tools

The enhancer tools are where ConchAI truly shines. The ability to rewrite sections of your essay using tools like Summarize, Simplify, and Make Longer has been incredibly helpful. I've used these features to diversify my writing and adjust my content to better fit my audience and objectives. Whether I'm working on making a section clearer or trying to expand on a point without losing quality, these tools have proven to be versatile and effective.

The choice of over 12 templates is another boon. Whenever I'm stuck with writer's block or need to quickly draft an email or summary, these templates offer a great starting point. They've saved me time and helped kickstart my creativity more times than I can count.

AI Detection and Originality

Lastly, the AI detection tools have become indispensable. In an era where academic integrity is paramount, ensuring your work passes muster with AI detectors is crucial. ConchAI's ability to humanize text and bypass the most advanced detectors has provided peace of mind, allowing me to focus on the quality of my content rather than the technicalities of AI detection.

Effectiveness Test

So i decided to do a bit of a test on the AI bypassing feature that comes with a paid plan of Conch AI.

Given the increasing use of AI detection tools like TurnItIn and GPTZero, I wanted to see just how effective Conch AI's tool was in making my writing undetectable by these sophisticated systems.

I began by writing a 500-word essay on environmental sustainability, a topic often discussed and hence, a good test subject for originality and AI detection tools. After using Conch AI to enhance and adjust my essay, I passed it through GPTZero, a popular tool used by educators to detect AI-generated content.

Test Results: AI Bypassing Capability

The results were quite enlightening. Before using Conch AI's bypassing feature, GPTZero flagged my essay with a 60% probability of being AI-generated. This was expected, as the initial draft was indeed assisted by AI. However, after applying Conch AI's enhancement and bypassing tools, the detection probability dropped significantly to below 10%. This showed a substantial improvement in the 'humanness' of my writing, making it virtually indistinguishable from content written without AI assistance.

Comparing with Competitors

For context, I performed a similar test with a piece of content using another leading writing assistant tool's AI-detection bypass feature. The best result I could achieve with the competitor was a reduction to about 25% detection probability. This comparison not only highlights the effectiveness of Conch AI's tool but also puts into perspective the advanced capability it offers over alternatives.


Starting with ConchAI, it's positioned as a more budget-friendly option, with plans starting at $9.99. It offers a Chrome extension among other features, aimed at enhancing user writing experience on various platforms. However, when it comes to the crucial aspect of undetectability by AI detectors, ConchAI seems to lag behind. It scored a 43% detectability on GPTZero and only a 7.4% originality score, indicating its content could be more easily identified as machine-generated compared to its competitors​​.


WriteHuman, while providing an easy-to-use interface and the promise of bypassing AI detectors like ZeroGPT and Turnitin, seems to face challenges in effectively achieving undetectability. It offers three free requests per month, but testing against AI detectors has shown that its rewritten content is still predominantly identified as AI-generated, with scores indicating 91% AI by and 90% by GPTZero. This raises concerns about its efficacy in bypassing advanced AI detection tools, despite its claims​​.


StealthGPT, on the other hand, stakes its claim with a stronger focus on remaining undetectable by AI detection tools. It boasts a remarkably low 6.9% detectability score on GPTZero, indicating its content is less likely to be flagged as AI-generated. Moreover, its content was found to be 62.4% original and 89% undetectable by Copyleaks, showcasing its ability to produce content that mirrors human creativity more closely than ConchAI. Additionally, StealthGPT offers a massive quota of 100,000 words per month for a slightly higher price of $14.99, alongside faster processing times and an API for developers, making it a robust choice for users prioritizing quality, quantity, and versatility​​.


What is Conch AI Used For?

Conch AI serves as a multifaceted tool aimed at enhancing your writing and study processes. From my experience, it's like having a personal assistant for all things related to writing. Whether you're drafting an essay, an email, or preparing study materials, Conch AI steps in to offer assistance. Its features range from providing next-sentence suggestions, which help overcome writer's block, to enhancing your text through summarization, simplification, or expansion. Moreover, the Chrome extension allows these benefits to extend across various platforms like Google Docs, streamlining your workflow without the need to constantly switch between tabs. For students and professionals alike, its study tools and auto-citation features make learning and adhering to academic standards a breeze. In essence, Conch AI is designed to make your writing and studying endeavors more efficient and less tedious.

Is Conch AI Detectable by Turnitin?

Given the increasing sophistication of AI writing tools, the concern about their detectability by plagiarism detectors like Turnitin is valid. Based on what I've seen, Conch AI is keenly aware of this issue and offers features designed to bypass the detection mechanisms of even the most advanced AI detectors, including Turnitin. The tool includes functions to humanize text, ensuring that the output is as close to human writing as possible. This is crucial for academic submissions, where the integrity and originality of your work are paramount. While no tool can guarantee 100% undetectability, Conch AI's efforts to refine and disguise the AI's footprint suggest a commitment to staying ahead in the game of AI detection.

Is Conch AI Free?

As mentioned in the pricing section above, Conch AI offers a free version, known as Conch Classic, which provides a taste of its capabilities without any financial commitment. This version includes the Chrome extension and basic writing assistant features, catering to casual or infrequent users. It's a good starting point for anyone looking to explore what Conch AI can do, with the 1,000-word limit offering ample space for shorter projects. However, for access to more advanced features like the citation generator, enhanced writing tools, and the removal of ads, Conch AI offers paid plans. These plans, including Conch Pro and Conch Limitless, are tailored to users who require more from their writing tool, be it for professional, academic, or extensive personal use. So, while Conch AI does have a free offering, unlocking its full potential requires a subscription to one of its premium plans.


Before using Conch AI for essays, it's crucial to discuss its use with whoever will review your work to ensure it's allowed and to avoid any negative consequences. Although advertised with 1000 free credits, the only feature available without payment is the AI detector, not the essay humanizer, which requires a subscription. The generated text can evade AI detection but might result in shorter, less coherent essays with unusual vocabulary, which is a downside. However, the tool's ability to pass AI detectors without extra cost is a positive aspect.

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