How to Cancel Your Grammarly Subscription and Get A Refund

How to Cancel Your Grammarly Subscription and Get A Refund
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How to Cancel Your Grammarly Subscription and Request a Refund

If Grammarly isn't worth it anymore for you and you want to cancel your Grammarly subscription, it’s important to know how to do it right and understand what steps to take for a refund. Knowing this can save you money and ensure you’re not charged unexpectedly. Here’s a quick guide on how to manage this process effectively. If you're on a Macbook, there's an easier way to do this.

Cancelling Your Subscription

Grammarly subscriptions did drop a little bit after ChatGPT came out. For obvious reasons, people switched to ChatGPT to fix their grammar and punctuation.

  1. Sign in to Grammarly: Open Grammarly and log in to your Premium account.
  2. Go to Subscription Settings: Navigate to the "Subscription" page from your account settings.
  3. Cancel Subscription: Scroll to the bottom and click "Cancel Subscription." Follow the prompts—click "Continue," select a reason for cancelling, and confirm by clicking "Cancel Subscription" again.

It's straightforward. Remember to cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid charges. If you face any issues, try using a different browser.

Requesting a Refund

Grammarly's refund policy is pretty strict. Generally, they don’t offer refunds for Premium subscriptions. But there are exceptions:

  1. Apple Store Purchases: If you bought your subscription via the Apple Store, you can request a refund through Apple. Go to, sign in with the Apple ID used for the purchase, select “Request a Refund,” and follow the instructions.
  2. Google Play Store Purchases: If you subscribed via the Google Play Store, you'll need to contact Google support for a refund.
  3. Grammarly Business Upgrades: If you upgrade from an individual Premium plan to a Grammarly Business plan, you get a prorated refund for the unused portion of your Premium subscription.

For any other refund requests, contact Grammarly support through their support form. They handle each request on a case-by-case basis, so make sure to explain your situation clearly.

Important Tips

  • Timing Matters: Cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged again.
  • Backup Your Data: Before canceling, make sure to save or back up any important documents you have on Grammarly.
  • Check Different Devices: If you don't see the cancellation option, try using a different browser or device.
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To cancel your Grammarly subscription, log in, go to the subscription settings, and select "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom. If you bought it through the Apple Store, request a refund via; for Google Play purchases, contact Google support. One thing I like about Grammarly is its user-friendly interface, but their strict refund policy can be frustrating.

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