Make A PowerPoint Presentation With ChatGPT In 6 Steps!

Make A PowerPoint Presentation With ChatGPT In 6 Steps!
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Can ChatGPT Create A Powerpoint Presentation?

Let's get straight to the point: ChatGPT can't directly make PowerPoint files. You can't ask it to produce a .pptx file or design slide visuals with images and charts.

But there's a longer, more helpful answer here. ChatGPT can indeed assist in generating presentations by outlining your slides, suggesting titles, and describing content. Think of it as your brainstorming buddy. It can help organize your thoughts and draft the content for each slide. However, turning these text-based outlines into a polished PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation requires another step.

This is where a PowerPoint AI slide generator like Plus comes into play. Once ChatGPT has helped you flesh out your content, you can use Plus to transform these ideas into a visual slide format. This two-step process makes it easy to go from a rough outline to a fully formatted presentation.

How It Works

  1. Generate Content with ChatGPT: Start by asking ChatGPT to create an outline for your presentation. You can get slide titles, bullet points, and detailed content descriptions. This step helps you focus on what you want to say without worrying about the visual design just yet.
  2. Convert with Plus: After you've got your content, use Plus to take this text and turn it into a visual presentation. Plus can handle the design work, allowing you to tweak the final look.
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How to Get ChatGPT to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Before diving into creating your PowerPoint presentation with ChatGPT, it's crucial to get everything set up correctly. Start by laying out a clear outline of your presentation. This means defining the topic, the main points you want to cover, and who your audience is. Having a structured outline will save you time and help ChatGPT generate relevant content. Think of this as setting the stage for the creative process.

Generating Titles and Content

Once your outline is ready, use ChatGPT to come up with catchy titles and headings for each slide. Just ask it something like, "Create slide titles for a presentation on [your topic]." ChatGPT can also help generate the content for each slide. Prompt it with specific instructions like, "Write content for a slide on [specific point]," and it'll provide detailed information. This way, you can focus on refining rather than starting from scratch.

Creating the Presentation File

To move from text to slides, tools like Plus AI can be incredibly useful. Install the Plus AI add-on for Google Slides, create a new presentation, and paste the content generated by ChatGPT. Select the number of slides you need and adjust the layout. This integration helps streamline the process, making it easier to turn your ideas into a polished presentation.

Adding Visuals

Visuals can make or break a presentation. Use ChatGPT to suggest images, graphics, or visual metaphors that complement your content. For instance, you might ask, "What kind of images should I use for a slide on [specific topic]?" Then, use these suggestions to find or create suitable visuals. This step ensures your presentation is engaging and visually appealing.

Reviewing and Editing

After generating the slides, take time to review and refine them. Check for consistency in style and accuracy of information. Adjust the layout and make sure everything flows logically. This step is about fine-tuning and ensuring the presentation meets your standards. It's also a good idea to get feedback from colleagues to catch anything you might have missed.

Adding Speaker Notes

Speaker notes can be a lifesaver during a presentation. Use ChatGPT to craft these notes, guiding you on what to say for each slide. Ask it to "Generate speaker notes for a slide on [specific topic]," and it will provide a script to help you stay on track. This makes your delivery smoother and ensures you cover all key points.

Finalizing and Exporting

Once you're satisfied with the slides, make any final tweaks. Then, export your presentation as a PowerPoint file or share it via Google Slides. In Google Slides, go to File -> Download -> Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) to save it. This gives you a professional presentation ready for delivery.


Use ChatGPT to outline and generate content for your PowerPoint presentation, then utilize Plus AI to convert this content into slides. This approach makes creating and refining presentations efficient, but note that the integration with Plus AI can sometimes lead to minor formatting issues (something I don't like), while its ability to streamline the initial setup is highly convenient (something I do like).

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