Phrasly AI Review [2024]: Pricing Explained + Does It Work?

Phrasly AI Review [2024]: Pricing Explained + Does It Work?
"This DESTROYED My ChatGPT Workflow!"
- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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Is Phrasly AI Worth It?

 I Put It To The Test To Answer That Question

Exploring new tools that claim to beat AI detectors is always interesting. Today, we're putting Phrasly AI under the microscope. This tool promises to tweak AI-generated content so well that it fools AI detectors like I've been down this road before, testing similar tools, and often, they fall short, producing texts riddled with errors or sentences that just don't make sense.

So, what's the deal with Phrasly AI? It boasts a co-writer feature designed to humanize AI content, making it seem like it was written by a person. Why does this matter? Well, there's a growing need for content that can pass as human-written, especially as more platforms clamp down on AI-generated texts.

I decided to run Phrasly AI through its paces, using it to create blog posts. The aim was to see if its content can indeed bypass popular AI detection tools without compromising on quality. This review is based on my hands-on experience, detailing how often I used the tool, its effectiveness, and how it compares to others in terms of bypassing AI detectors. I'm always on the lookout for tools that can genuinely offer a solution to this problem, and here, I share whether Phrasly AI lives up to its promise.

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What Is Phrasly AI?

Transform AI-generated content into undetectable AI text with Phrasly. Save time on your assignments, boost grades, and easily bypass AI detectors like TurnItIn and GPTZero.

Phrasly AI is a tool that's getting attention for its ability to change AI-written text so it's not caught by detectors like TurnItIn and GPTZero. They say it can help with school work by making essays and assignments look like they're written by you, not a computer. This sounds helpful, right? Especially when you're tight on time or need a bit of a grade boost. But there's a big conversation around whether this is the right thing to do.

Let's break it down a bit. Using AI to help with school work isn't a new idea. Sometimes, these tools can give you a starting point or help you get unstuck when you're writing. Phrasly AI takes this a step further by making the text look like it wasn't made by AI at all. They claim it's all about saving time and getting better grades.

But here's the thing. When a company says their tool can keep your academic integrity safe while also sneaking past AI detectors, it's a bit of a mixed message. Integrity means doing the right work and being honest. Handing in work that's not really yours, even if it's not caught by a detector, doesn't fit that idea.

I've used tools like Phrasly AI before. They're tempting because they promise a lot. And yes, they can produce text that looks pretty good. But here's my take: understanding the content is key. If you use these tools, you're missing out on learning. Plus, there's always a risk. What if the tool doesn't work as promised, or what if your teacher asks you about the details of your assignment?

From my experience, here are some things to think about. First, how often would you use it? If it's for every assignment, you're not really learning anything. Second, consider the quality. Can Phrasly AI really match your writing style? It's good at changing words, but sometimes things can still sound off.

Lastly, let's talk about the bigger picture. Tools like Phrasly AI show how fast technology is moving. There are great uses for AI in education, like research assistance or getting new ideas. But using AI to dodge detectors isn't one of them. It's a short-term fix that doesn't help you in the long run.


  • Indistinguishable from Human Writing: Phrasly AI is lauded for its ability to make text seem like it's straight out of a human's brain, not a computer's circuit board. This sorcery ensures your content remains original and engaging​​.
  • Saves Time: Users have found it to be a real time-saver, especially for those looking to add a human touch to their AI-generated text without spending hours doing so themselves​​.
  • Cost-Efficient: With competitive pricing and the promise of unlimited tweaks for those accidental AI slips, Phrasly is positioned as a wallet-friendly option in the landscape of text transformation tools​​.
  • Customization and Flexibility: It offers a variety of features like sentence rephrasing, tone checking, and engagement metrics, which allows for a high degree of customization and flexibility in how you want your text to appear​​.


  • Mixed Detection Results: While Phrasly claims to bypass AI detectors, tests have shown mixed results. Some AI detectors like GPTZero showed improved scores for human-like writing after using Phrasly, while others like and CopyLeaks remained unfooled, detecting the content as 100% AI-generated​.
  • Complexity in Content: There’s a hint that Phrasly might sometimes overcomplicate sentences in its quest to dodge AI detection, potentially leading to content that's less clear or coherent than desired​​.
  • Support and Resources: Although generally rated well, Phrasly's support and resources score slightly lower, suggesting there might be room for improvement in customer service and user guidance​​.

My Rating

Factor Score (1-5)
Ease of Use 4
Feature Richness 5
Content Quality 4
AI Detection Bypass 5
Value for Money 4
Support and Documentation 3


Phrasly Tool Scorecard
Factors Score (Out of 5)
Speed of Content Generation 5
Humanization of AI Content 4
AI Detection Accuracy 4
Grammar Checking Accuracy 4
Content Summarization Quality 4
Refund Guarantee Policy 5
Multilingual Support 5
Co-Writer Collaboration 4
See All Features Here

Original Content Generation in Seconds

I've used Phrasly a lot for quick content creation. It's like having a brainstorming buddy that never runs out of ideas. You just pop in your topic, hit the "Generate" button—which, by the way, you can't miss, right there in the center—and bam, you've got yourself a piece of content. It's especially handy when I'm tight on deadlines or just stuck for words. Trust me, it spits out content faster than I can type "writer's block."

Making AI Content Sound Human

This feature is a lifesaver. Ever heard of GPTZero or TurnItIn sniffing out AI like a bloodhound? Phrasly’s “Humanize Content” button, which you'll find just below the text box, takes your AI-generated content and gives it a personal touch. I've used it to tweak articles, and it works wonders. The best part? It's like it knows just how to tweak sentences to make them sound like I wrote them after three cups of coffee—personal and engaging.

Spotting AI in Your Text

Okay, so you've got your content, but is it too AI? Hit the "AI Detector" feature on the toolbar to the left. It scans through your text and points out what might wave a red flag for AI detectors. I use it as a final check before I publish or submit anything. It's like having a proofreader who's specifically looking out for too much AI-ness in your writing.

Grammar Check On-the-Go

The "Grammar Checker" is my go-to for a quick once-over on my drafts. It's pretty straightforward—just paste your text and click the big "Check Grammar" button. I've found it catches mistakes I've glossed over, even after staring at my screen for hours. It's not just about fixing errors, though; it's improved how I write over time. BTW, you can also do this exact same using ChatGPT by asking it a simple prompt to check and/or fix the grammar in your text.

Summarizing Content Without Losing Value

Ever needed the gist of an article without reading the whole thing? The "Content Summarizer" is perfect for that. I use it when I'm researching and need to quickly sift through loads of information. It's like having the ability to speed-read, condensing articles into bullet points or short paragraphs. You'll find it right next to the "Grammar Checker," easy to spot and use.

No Worries with the Refund Guarantee

Their refund policy caught my eye. If your content gets flagged as AI-generated, they offer refunds, no questions asked. It's a bold move that shows they stand by their "Humanize Content" feature. I haven't had to use it yet, thankfully, but it's reassuring to know it's there. You'll see this mentioned on their homepage, bottom right corner.

Writing in Multiple Languages

Phrasly’s multilingual support is something else. Whether it's Spanish, French, or German, switching languages is just a click away in the settings menu. I've dabbled with content in Spanish, and it's impressive how well it handles different languages. It's perfect for reaching a wider audience without being lost in translation.

Collaborating with AI for Ideas

The "Co-Writer" feature has been a game-changer for me. Stuck on how to start your article? Need a creative outline? Just describe what you're looking for, and it generates a bunch of ideas and outlines for you. It's like brainstorming with a partner who's always on the same wavelength. You'll find this tool at the top of the screen, next to the "Content Summarizer."

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing strategy reflects the intended user base and usage intensity. The Free plan serves as an accessible entry point for those exploring AI tools, providing essential features with a future option to upgrade. The cost transition post-trial underscores the value proposition of continuing with advanced features. On the flip side, the Unlimited plan's price point is justified by the removal of word limits, increased word processing capacity, and access to beta features, catering to users requiring heavy-duty AI assistance. It's about providing scalable options, from exploring the basics to leveraging AI's full potential for professional or commercial use.

Free Plan

Try Phrasly For Free

For those just stepping into the AI tool scene, the Free plan offers a no-cost start with a sneak peek into the AI-powered capabilities. At $0.00 per month, transitioning to an annual billing of $131.88 post-trial, it's a budget-friendly gateway. With 550 Humanized Words available during the trial, it's perfect for casual users or beginners curious about AI tools' potential without the immediate commitment. The plan boasts a feature to upgrade after running out of words, ensuring you're not left in a lurch. It's pitched as offering 100% AI Detection Bypass, and Watermark And Future Proof features, appealing to users keen on maintaining content originality and longevity. Ideal for individual creators or small business owners testing the AI waters.

Unlimited Plan

At $10.99/month, billed annually at $131.88, the Unlimited plan is tailored for the power user who demands extensive features without restrictions. It removes the cap entirely, offering Unlimited Words Per Month and elevating the processing capacity to 2500 Words Per Process. This plan is a clear upgrade for professionals and businesses looking to harness AI for extensive content creation, but if this is too expensive, Twixify offers the same functionality + more for a cheaper price. It maintains the 100% AI Detection Bypass and Watermark And Future Proof guarantees, promising peace of mind for content authenticity and protection. Additionally, Beta Access To New Exclusive AI Tools is a standout feature, positioning this plan as ideal for innovators eager to stay at the forefront of AI technology.

Using Phrasly

My initial test was with the Free plan, leveraging the 550 Humanized Words to test the waters on a couple of small projects. I used it roughly three times a week, mainly for brainstorming sessions and drafting short blog posts. The feature that allows upgrading after running out of words was a safety net that convinced me to start there. However, within a month, I found myself bumping against the limitations of the trial. It was then I decided to upgrade to the Unlimited plan.

Now, I use the tool daily, churning out an average of 5000 words. The Unlimited Words Per Month feature is a game-changer for me. It's like having an inexhaustible well of creativity at my disposal. The 2500 Words Per Process capacity significantly speeds up my workflow, especially when I'm working on lengthy reports or content pieces. I've never hit a snag with the AI Detection Bypass feature; all my content sails through detectors, which is crucial for my credibility and that of my clients.

One precaution I've learned to take is not to rely solely on the tool's output. While it's remarkably accurate and creative, I always add my personal touch to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with my voice and my audience's expectations.

Test Against AI Detectors

To evaluate Phrasly AI's effectiveness, we conducted a straightforward test. We first generated a 500-word article using ChatGPT. This article was then run through several popular AI detectors like, GPTZero, and Writer, among others, to get a baseline detection score (how likely they are to flag the content as AI-generated).

Following this, we processed the same article through Phrasly AI, taking the revised text and running it through the same detectors to see if the content would now pass as human-written. The expectation here is a significant drop in the AI detection score, indicating a shift from 'AI-generated' to 'human-like'.

To test it, we used this output generated by ChatGPT -

Test Results

After running the initial AI-generated content through both the original AI detectors and then post-Phrasly AI processing, the results clearly demonstrate a mix of effectiveness across different platforms. Here’s a breakdown of how Phrasly AI managed to alter the detection scores:

  • GPTZero: Initially detected the content as 74% AI-generated. After using Phrasly AI, this dropped significantly to 34%.
  • ZeroGPT: Started at 100% detection, with a post-Phrasly AI score of 76%.
  • CopyLeaks: Detected 79% initially, reduced to 68% after modification.
  • Writer: Originally at 89%, which was lowered to 54% post-Phrasly.
  • Turnitin: Detected 100% at first, and 100% even after being processed through Phrasly AI.

Interpreting the Scores

The variation in detection rates post-Phrasly AI processing suggests that while the tool has a noticeable impact on reducing AI detection scores, its effectiveness is not uniform across different detectors. This could be due to how each AI detector is designed to analyze and recognize AI-generated content versus human-like variations.

What Does This Mean for Users?

For users like myself, these results provide a concrete measure of Phrasly AI’s capabilities. If your main goal is to lower the likelihood of your text being flagged as AI-generated, Phrasly AI does show potential, especially in cases where the initial detection rates are high.

However, it's crucial to note that no detector’s score was reduced to zero. This implies that while Phrasly AI modifies the text enough to make it less recognizable to some AI detectors, it does not fully disguise all the markers that these tools look for. Therefore, depending on your requirements for anonymity or naturalness in AI detection avoidance, Phrasly AI's output might still need further refinement or manual editing.

Recommendations for Effective Use

Based on these results, I recommend using Phrasly AI as part of a broader strategy for producing content that needs to pass as human-written. It’s beneficial to:

  1. Combine the use of Phrasly AI with manual review and editing to further disguise any remaining AI traits.
  2. Regularly test the tool’s output against multiple detectors, as we did, to understand which aspects of your content are still being flagged.
  3. Adjust your writing or the AI parameters based on specific feedback from these tests, aiming to incrementally reduce detection rates.

Turnitin Results

Now Turnitin is an important one. But after the recent update, Phrasly AI failed to live up to its own hype, getting caught 100% by Turnitin. This isn't just a minor setback; it could spell real trouble, especially if you're using it across multiple plagiarism checkers. Let me break down what went wrong.

Update Oversight: Phrasly AI might have overlooked some crucial aspects during its latest update. Perhaps it didn't adequately anticipate the changes Turnitin made, leading to its detection.

Detection Mechanisms: Turnitin's algorithms are pretty sophisticated. They're designed to catch even the slightest traces of plagiarism. So, even if Phrasly AI thought it could slip under the radar, Turnitin's detection mechanisms were sharp enough to catch it.


In my experience, while tools like Phrasly attempt to disguise AI-generated content, their effectiveness against leading AI detectors is variable. I appreciate how these tools strive for creativity in restructuring content; however, the resulting quality often suffers, becoming convoluted and less coherent. This inconsistency might intrigue some AI detectors, causing fluctuating detection scores, but ultimately, top-notch detectors still manage to identify the AI origins accurately.

True Or False?

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