6 Quillbot Alternatives To Consider In 2024 - Twixify.com

6 Quillbot Alternatives To Consider In 2024 - Twixify.com
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- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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My Experience With Quillbot

Quillbot Paraphrasing feature in use

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool. It's designed to help writers, students, and professionals polish their writing. You can adjust how much it changes your text, making it sound different without altering the meaning. It's quite straightforward: you input text, and it offers a different way to say the same thing.

I've found Quillbot to be a mixed bag. It's got tools for grammar checking, sentence rewording, summarizing, and even plagiarism checking. These features sound great on paper, but the real question is, do they work as promised?

From my usage, it's good at catching simple grammar mistakes and offering synonyms. However, when it comes to maintaining the original tone or improving the overall quality of the content, it falls short. The reworded sentences can sometimes come off as awkward or too far from the original meaning.

Features Of A Capable Alternative To Quillbot

Quillbot isn't as bad as some people say it is. Well, at least not as bad to the point where you'd need an alternative unless you're looking for a solution that can do more than just paraphrase text. With the Rise Of ChatGPT, more and more people are seeking tools that not only rephrase sentences but also add value in terms of creativity, context understanding, and even content creation. So, if you're on the lookout for a Quillbot alternative, here are some features to consider:

Contextual Understanding

A good alternative should understand the context of your text. This means it can grasp the overall message and tone you're aiming for and adjust its suggestions accordingly. For instance, if you're writing a formal report, the tool should avoid slang and maintain a professional tone. Conversely, for a casual blog post, a lighter tone with conversational phrases might be preferred. Contextual understanding ensures the paraphrased text aligns with your original intent, making your writing coherent and audience-appropriate.

Creativity and Content Generation

Beyond rephrasing, the ideal tool should help generate new content ideas or expand on existing ones. Say you're stuck with a topic like "sustainable living." The tool could suggest related subtopics, questions, or even draft sections of content to help you get started or deepen your exploration. This feature is invaluable for overcoming writer's block and enriching your content without deviating from the topic.

Enhanced Grammar and Style Correction

While Quillbot offers basic grammar checks, a more robust tool should provide in-depth grammar, punctuation, and style corrections. It should catch subtle errors that can change the meaning of a sentence, like misplaced commas, and suggest stylistic improvements to make your writing more engaging and readable. For example, instead of "He did not, because he was too tired, go to the store," it could suggest "Because he was too tired, he didn't go to the store," which is clearer and more direct.

Comprehensive Plagiarism Checker

An essential feature is a thorough plagiarism checker that can scan across a vast database of published work to ensure originality. When you rephrase a sentence, the tool should guarantee that the new version doesn't inadvertently match existing content online. This feature protects you from plagiarism accusations and helps maintain your credibility and the uniqueness of your work.

User-friendly Interface

A straightforward, intuitive interface makes the tool accessible and easy to use, regardless of your technical skill level. It should allow you to easily input text, select functions (like rephrasing, content generation, or grammar checking), and see the results. A clean layout, with options clearly labeled and suggestions presented in a way that's easy to review and apply, can significantly enhance the user experience.

What Are The Main Competitors Of Quillbot?

Based on the research i did over the past few weeks, I've found the following 6 tools to be the closest things you could get to Quillbot:

  1. Twixify
  2. Word AI
  3. Writesonic
  4. Clickup
  5. Wordtune
  6. Jasper

Twixify - Cheaper & More Effective Than Quillbot

Twixify Custom Mode

Not only does it cost a lot less than Quillbot, but it's also more capable than it. With 5 additional features compared to what Quillbot can do, Twixify

Word and Phrase Filtering

Imagine you’re cooking, and you keep using the same spice for every dish. Eventually, everything starts tasting the same, right? That’s what happens with words in writing. Twixify is like having a spice rack full of variety. It helps me avoid overusing common phrases that scream "I'm not human!" This is especially handy when I'm trying to make text sound more unique.

Customization to Match Writing Style

Everyone has their own way of talking or writing—like your signature, but with words. Twixify gets this. It lets me create presets that match how I write. So, when I use it to draft emails or documents, the output genuinely sounds like it came from me. I’ve set up different styles for emails, social media posts, and reports, making my life way easier.

Intention-Based Paraphrasing

Different situations call for different tones and structures. If I'm writing an academic paper, it's a whole different ballgame compared to crafting an email. Twixify adapts to this brilliantly. It rephrases my text based on what I'm trying to achieve, keeping things appropriate and effective, whether it’s formal or casual.

Versatility with Texts

One of the coolest things? It doesn’t matter if the text was written by a human or generated by AI. Twixify treats all text equally, giving it the human touch. I use it to refine both my own drafts and chunks of text created by other AI tools. It’s like a polish, ensuring everything I produce is top-notch and personalized.

Bypassing Detection Tools

Here’s a neat trick. With Twixify, my writing can fly under the radar of plagiarism detectors like Turnitin. It's not about cheating but ensuring my work is seen as original. By filtering out those dead-giveaway phrases AI tends to overuse, my submissions are always seen as uniquely mine.

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Word AI

I've used WordAI for various projects, and my experience has been a mix of ups and downs. Here, I'll share my insights, focusing on its usability, accuracy, and when it might or might not be the best fit for you.


The interface of WordAI is pretty straightforward. Once you log in, you're greeted with a clean dashboard where everything feels intuitive. There's a main area where you paste the content you want rewritten. Above this box, you'll find the settings button—it's not hidden, which I appreciate. Here, you can select the rewriting quality. I usually stick to the regular option for general projects.

The process is simple: paste, select, and hit rewrite. It's a smooth experience without any confusing steps. I like that I don't have to click through multiple pages to get my content processed.


WordAI shines in delivering accurate rewrites, especially for straightforward texts. However, it's not perfect. The tool's biggest draw is its ability to understand context, which is crucial for maintaining the original meaning. In my use, it's been reliable in avoiding errors that change the content's intent.

But, it's not all smooth sailing. The output sometimes feels mechanical, particularly with complex sentences or unique terms. For example, I noticed that it tends to simplify language, which can strip some nuances from the original text. This isn't always a downside, especially for clarity, but it's something to keep in mind.

Ideal Users

WordAI isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. If you're looking to automate your entire content creation process, this might not be the tool for you. The output can require some human touch to feel truly natural.

For SEO experts, bloggers, and small business owners, WordAI can be a valuable asset. It's great for rephrasing existing content to avoid duplication issues or for giving a fresh look to older posts. However, the cost can be a hurdle. It's not cheap, and if your needs are sporadic, free tools might serve you just as well without the investment.

In my case, I find it most useful for bulk rewriting tasks where the originality and readability of the output are more important than nuanced creativity. I use it several times a month, particularly for updating blog posts or creating variations of descriptions for SEO purposes.


  • Scalable Content Creation: WordAI is praised for its ability to significantly scale content production for affiliate marketers, SEO strategies, and general digital presence, making it an excellent tool for creating human-like content that avoids plagiarism issues .
  • SEO Enhancement: The tool aids in enhancing SEO efforts by generating content that's not only valuable to readers but also signals high quality to search algorithms. It can transform a single article into numerous variations, capturing additional long-tail keywords .
  • Multilanguage Support: WordAI supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, and Italian. This feature is particularly useful for creating or expanding content in various languages, thereby reaching a broader audience​ ​.
  • Customization and Protection Features: Users have control over how their content is rewritten, including the ability to protect certain words, quotes, titles, and URLs from being altered. This ensures that key elements remain unchanged while the rest of the content is optimized for uniqueness and readability​.
  • Bulk Processing and API Integration: WordAI allows for bulk processing of articles and supports integrations through its API, facilitating seamless workflow within content management systems or for users needing to process large volumes of content efficiently​​.


  • Short Trial Period: A common criticism is the brief three-day trial period, which may not be sufficient for all users to fully test and evaluate the software's capabilities .
  • Lacks an AI Writing Tool: Unlike some competitors, WordAI focuses solely on rewriting and lacks a dedicated AI writing tool, which could limit its use for those looking for more comprehensive content creation solutions​​.
  • Limited Customization Options: Some users have pointed out that apart from selecting the level of creativity and number of rewrites, there are very few customization options available. This might restrict users who need more granular control over the rewriting process​​.
  • Pricing: WordAI's pricing, especially the monthly subscription rate, is considered steep by some users. Although there is an option for an annual subscription that offers savings, the initial investment might be high for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget​​.
  • Processing Limitations: While WordAI can handle a large volume of content, there's a cap on the number of words you can process within certain subscription plans. This could potentially limit high-volume users unless they're willing to upgrade to a more expensive plan​​.


Generative AI Platform for Content Creation, SEO and AI Chatbots.

First up, the platform's customizable templates are a lifesaver. Picture this: You're staring at your screen, unsure where to start. Then, boom, a template pops up, offering a structure you can tweak. I usually find these under the "Templates" section, easy to spot on the main dashboard. And sharing? Just as simple. Once I'm happy with what I've created, a few clicks let me send it straight to social media.

SEO Optimization

The SEO suggestions are pretty straightforward. Writesonic doesn't just throw keywords at you; it integrates them smoothly into your content. Found under the "SEO" tab, this feature has helped my blog posts rank better more times than I can count.


Ever written something that sounded a bit... off? The paraphrasing tool is your go-to. It's like having a buddy who suggests different ways to say something. Perfect for spicing up LinkedIn articles or making your professional bio stand out. I use it by copying my text, pasting it into the tool, and watching the magic happen.

Budget-Friendly Writing Assistant

Now, onto the credits system, which can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Yes, you use credits for changes, which initially bugged me. But, considering the overall value, it's a compromise I've learned to work with. I track my usage closely, especially when I'm tweaking content to get it just right, to ensure I'm not burning through credits unnecessarily.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Writesonic is praised for its simplicity and ease of use, even for those new to AI writing tools​.
  • Time-Saving: It significantly speeds up the content generation process, from blog posts to product descriptions, making it a valuable asset for saving time​​.
  • High-Quality Content: The AI algorithms are designed to produce content that is grammatically correct and free of errors, providing high-quality outputs​.
  • Multilingual Support: With support for multiple languages, Writesonic caters to a global user base, enabling content creation in various languages​​.
  • SEO Tools Integration: The integration with Surfer SEO helps optimize content for search engines, a feature appreciated by those looking to improve their online visibility​​.
  • Diverse Content Generation: From landing pages to ad copy, Writesonic offers a range of tools that assist in creating various types of content efficiently​​.


  • High Minimum Monthly Word Credits: The long-form subscription tier's high minimum monthly word credit might not be suitable for all users, especially those with lower content needs​​.
  • Customer Service: There have been reports of less-than-ideal customer service, which could be frustrating for users needing support​​.
  • Limited Creativity: While Writesonic generates high-quality content, it might not match the creativity that a human writer could offer, potentially making the content feel less original​​.
  • Interface Limitations: Some users have noted limitations in the interface, particularly when it comes to reviewing and editing drafts, which could hinder the refinement process of generated conten​.


The everything app for work

To be quite frank with you, Click up is garbage! Especially if you're in need of just a paraphrasing tool rather than the 132+ other completely unrelated features that it comes with. As a matter of fact, the main function of click up isn't even to paraphrase.

ClickUp might feel like overkill. It's packed with a ton of features that, while powerful for project management and content creation, might not hit the mark for someone who just wants to reword their sentences quickly and efficiently.

For straight-up paraphrasing, you're probably better off with a tool designed specifically for that purpose. ClickUp, with its broad suite of project management, collaboration, and content creation tools, is like bringing an entire toolbox when you really just need a screwdriver.


  1. Comprehensive Feature Set on Free Plan: ClickUp's free plan comes loaded with an impressive suite of features, making it a great value proposition for teams looking to get started without financial commitment​​.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Many users have noted ClickUp's interface as being intuitive and easy to navigate, which is a big plus for managing complex projects without getting bogged down​​.
  3. Customization and Versatility: If there's one area ClickUp excels in, it's customization. The platform allows for a high degree of tailoring in terms of views, automation, and overall workflow setup, making it perfect for teams that have specific needs​​.
  4. Strong Agile Support: For teams using Agile methodologies, ClickUp offers robust features like dashboards, templates, and sprint tools, aligning well with Agile practices​​.
  5. Excellent Integration Options: With over 50 native integrations and compatibility with more than 1,000 tools, ClickUp ensures that teams can maintain a centralized workflow, enhancing productivity and collaboration​​.


  1. Limited Storage on Free Plan: While ClickUp offers unlimited storage on its premium plans, the free tier is more restricted in this regard, which could be a bottleneck for content-heavy projects​​.
  2. Price Scaling with Users: As you add more users, ClickUp can become less cost-effective, especially for smaller businesses that are sensitive to budget constraints​​.
  3. Performance Issues: Some users have reported occasional performance glitches, which can be a hindrance during time-sensitive projects​​.
  4. Steep Learning Curve: Due to its high level of customizability and the sheer number of features, ClickUp can be overwhelming for new users, requiring a period of adaptation to fully leverage its capabilities​ ​.

In short, if paraphrasing is your main goal, you'll want to look elsewhere. There are plenty of apps and online tools dedicated to just that, offering a more streamlined experience for your specific needs.


Everyone has tons of work to get through. Some accept the frustration. Others choose Wordtune Generative AI to speed up their tasks.

From my experience, Wordtune offers a lot more than your average writing aid. Its ability to improve sentence structure and word choice has made a noticeable difference in my writing. The integration is seamless, whether you're drafting a quick email or working on a lengthy report. Just remember, if you're relying on it heavily, you might find the limitations of the free version a bit restrictive. But for everyday use, it's been a solid addition to my toolkit.

First things first, installing Wordtune is a breeze. You just add it to your browser or download the desktop app. Once it's up and running, it blends into your writing process like it's always been there. I use it mostly in Google Docs and emails, and having it right there in the toolbar is a game changer.

Beyond Basic Grammar Checks

Wordtune isn't just about fixing typos or grammar mistakes. Sure, it does that—and does it well—but where it really shines is how it helps refine your sentences. It's like having a co-writer who suggests different ways to say something, making your writing clearer or more engaging. I've noticed a big difference in my emails; they're more to the point and easier to read.


The paraphrasing tool is something else. You've got a sentence that's not quite right, but you're not sure how to fix it? Wordtune offers alternatives. And it's not just one or two options; it's a variety of ways to rephrase your sentence to fit the tone and context you're aiming for. This feature has saved me more times than I can count, especially when I'm struggling to find the right words.


Wordtune packs a lot into a sleek interface. There's a tone checker, which is great for making sure your message comes across the way you intend. The translator and thesaurus are super useful, too, especially when you're trying to diversify your vocabulary or communicate with someone in another language.


Jasper AI Pricing plans

Though it's more of a content generating tool similar to ChatGPT, Jasper is still a pretty good alternative to Quillbot.

First off, Jasper's interface is a breeze to use. You find everything you need right on the main screen. When I first used it, I didn't have to look around for what I needed. The tool's predictive accuracy is something else—it's like it reads my mind. This accuracy saves me tons of time, especially when I'm on tight deadlines.

Boss Mode and Jasper Chat

Boss Mode is the real deal for creating long-form content. Imagine typing in a brief, and Jasper rolls out an entire blog post. That's Boss Mode for you. It's located right at the top of your dashboard, and clicking it opens up a world where lengthy content is not a problem anymore.

Jasper Chat feels like talking to a knowledgeable buddy. It's interactive and understands context pretty well. It's perfect for those moments when I'm brainstorming or stuck on an idea. Plus, it's fun to see how it turns my thoughts into coherent pieces of content.

AI Art, SurferSEO, and Grammarly Integration

Jasper also steps into the creative domain with its AI Art feature, which I find under the "More" tab. It's fantastic for creating thumbnails and illustrations. No need for a separate tool or app, which is a relief.

The integration with SurferSEO has been a game-changer for me. It's like having an SEO expert looking over my shoulder, suggesting the best keywords to use. This feature is easily accessible from the Jasper dashboard.

Grammarly's grammar checker is integrated, ensuring that my content is not just engaging but also error-free. This integration is seamless, working in the background and pointing out mistakes as I write.

Preset Prompts

Preset prompts are another feature that I find super helpful. They're like templates for different types of content. Whether it's emails, blog posts, or social media updates, there's a prompt for that. It makes the content creation process a lot faster.


  • Quick Content Generation: Rapidly produces content with the ability to extend text fluidly and naturally.
  • Considerable Accuracy: Generates quite accurate content, reducing the time needed for fact-checking.
  • Native Grammarly Support: Integrates with Grammarly for real-time grammar and spelling checks, enhancing content quality.
  • Simplified Interface: User-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use, akin to popular word processors.
  • Wide Range of Templates: Offers over 50 templates for various content needs, enhancing versatility.
  • SEO Integration: Features integration with SurferSEO, simplifying the optimization of content for search engines.


  • Struggles with Technical Topics: Faces difficulties in generating accurate content for overly technical or niche topics.
  • Junk Content: Can produce irrelevant or repetitive content, which may consume word credits quickly.
  • Research Necessity: While generally accurate, it still requires user-led fact-checking and detailed outlines for best results.
  • Extra Cost for Plagiarism Checks: Utilizes Copyscape for plagiarism detection, which incurs additional costs.
  • Lacks Personal Touch: Often lacks the nuanced personal touch and experience a human writer would provide, leading to potentially generic output.
  • Potential for Heavy Editing: Depending on the desired quality and purpose, drafts might need significant editing.
  • No Fact-Checking: Does not perform fact-checking, potentially reproducing incorrect information if the source data is wrong.


If you're in need of a paraphrasing tool on a tight budget, Twixify is a great alternative to Quillbot, especially if you intend to use it for bypassing AI detection. If that's not what you're looking for, there are also several other options such as Wordtune or even Word.ai. All of these alternatives have their own unique features which stand out from others.

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