Undetectable AI Vs GPTZero - 2024 AI Detection Bypass Method

Undetectable AI Vs GPTZero - 2024 AI Detection Bypass Method
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How To Use Undetectable AI To Bypass GPTZero AI Detection

According to recent statistics, GPTZero accurately identifies AI-generated content about 85% of the time and correctly classifies 99% of human-written articles. However, this tool struggles with false positives, often marking human-written content as AI-generated. In my experience, GPTZero's primary use is distinguishing between human and AI-written text. This tool is crucial for maintaining content integrity, especially in educational and professional settings where the authenticity of the text is vital. By frequently testing GPTZero, I've found that while it does a good job flagging AI content, it sometimes mislabels genuine human work, which could be problematic. Although it isn't the only way to go about it, it's actually one of the more reliable methods available right now for identifying AI content. Using GPTZero helps me ensure that the work submitted is original and not generated by AI, thus maintaining the quality and trustworthiness of the content I handle.

To maximize effectiveness, I usually combine GPTZero with other strategies, such as rewriting text with Undetectable AI. This combined approach helps mitigate the tool's limitations and provides a more comprehensive evaluation of the text authenticity.

Bypass GPT Zero With Undetectable AI

For more information about Undetectable AI, you can read my review about it.

That said, If you want to make your AI-generated content less detectable by tools like GPTZero, here’s a practical approach to achieve that. Here’s how I do it:

Generating AI Content

First, I use ChatGPT to create the initial content. This could be anything from an email to an essay. Let’s say I’ve asked ChatGPT to write an article on AI ethics. Once I have this draft, it’s ready for the next steps.

Initial Detection Test

I run this content through an AI detection tool like Undetectable AI to see if it gets flagged as AI-generated. This initial test confirms that the content has typical AI markers (which we need to address). This step sets a benchmark for what we need to change.

Humanizing AI Content

Now comes the humanizing part. I use Undetectable AI to adjust the text. This tool modifies the content to make it sound more natural and less machine-like. It tweaks sentence structure, word choice, and adds human-like nuances. Here’s how you do it:

Humanize ChatGPT's Output To Bypass AI Detection ↓
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  1. Paste your AI-generated text into Undetectable AI or the above humanizer.
  2. Click the “Humanize” button.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the tool to process the text.

This process is straightforward and quick, and it’s essential because it makes significant changes to mimic human writing styles.

Re-evaluation by GPTZero

After humanizing the content, I run it through GPTZero again. The results should show a much lower probability of being AI-generated. For instance, the initial AI detection might have shown a 98% probability, but after humanizing, this can drop to around 21% or even lower.

Replicating the Test

To ensure consistency, I repeat this process with different pieces of content. This helps confirm that the humanizing process consistently reduces the AI detection probability. For example, an essay on AI ethics initially detected as 79% AI-generated might drop to below 25% after humanization.


Use ChatGPT to generate your content and then run it through Undetectable AI to humanize it, making the text sound more natural. I like that Undetectable AI is easy to use, but it sometimes changes the tone of my writing.

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