Wordtune Review - 6 Main Features & More!

Wordtune Review - 6 Main Features & More!
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What Is Wordtune?

Wordtune homepage

Wordtune is an AI-driven tool developed by AI21 Labs that helps users refine their sentences by offering a range of alternative phrasing options. It operates using advanced language models that understand the core meaning of a sentence, providing quick and varied ways to express the same idea. This can be particularly useful for those looking to enhance their writing without changing the intended message.

Wordtune’s Practicality for Different Writers

Wordtune shines in scenarios where clarity and variability in expression are key. As a content writer and an author, I've found that while no AI can yet write a complete novel at a click, tools like Wordtune offer significant advantages. For routine content creation—blogs, emails, reports—it helps rephrase content to sound more polished or fit a certain tone. This versatility makes it a handy tool for both novice and experienced writers.

User Experience and Tool Accessibility

The tool is accessible as a free Google Chrome extension, which I've found straightforward to install and use. Its high ratings and positive reviews on their website echo my experience: it's user-friendly and effective. In my use, navigating the tool has been intuitive, with the AI seamlessly integrating into my writing process without disrupting my flow.


1. Enhances Writing Quality: Wordtune excels at improving sentence structure and clarity. It's particularly adept at rephrasing sentences to either condense or expand on thoughts, making it a great tool for anyone from students to professionals aiming to polish their writing style​.

2. Wide Array of Features: The tool offers features such as full-sentence rewrites, tone adjustments, and the ability to make text more concise or detailed based on your needs. This versatility is appreciated by users who require flexibility in their writing​.

3. Integration and Accessibility: Wordtune integrates smoothly with popular platforms like Google Docs and offers extensions for browsers like Chrome, making it easily accessible for everyday use. This ease of integration is often highlighted as a major plus by regular users​​.

4. Language Learning: For non-native English speakers or those looking to refine their vocabulary, Wordtune provides an invaluable service by suggesting alternative phrases and helping with language learning​.


1. Limited Free Version: The free version of Wordtune is somewhat restrictive, offering only a limited number of rewrites per day. This can be frustrating for users who need more extensive assistance on a regular basis​​.

2. No Mobile Application: Unlike some of its competitors, Wordtune does not currently offer a mobile app, which limits its usability on mobile devices. This might be inconvenient for users who prefer to work on-the-go​​.

3. Lacks Some Advanced Features: While Wordtune is great for rephrasing and grammar suggestions, it does not include a plagiarism checker, which is a feature offered by some other writing aids like Grammarly. This could be a significant drawback for academic users or content creators who need to ensure originality​​.

Suggestions for Improvement

Expanding the Free Plan: Increasing the number of free rewrites available per day would make Wordtune more accessible to a broader user base, particularly students and individuals who might not be able to afford the premium plan.

Developing a Mobile App: Creating a mobile application would enhance Wordtune's accessibility, allowing users to edit and improve their writing directly from their smartphones or tablets, catering to the needs of a mobile-first audience.

Adding a Plagiarism Checker: Integrating a plagiarism checking feature would significantly increase the tool's utility for academic and professional writing, making it a more comprehensive writing aid.

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How Well Does It Work?

Wordtune's effectiveness as a writing assistant can be quantitatively measured by considering a few key performance metrics: time saved, enhancement in writing quality, and user satisfaction.

Time Saved

Using Wordtune regularly, I've noticed a significant reduction in the time it takes to polish drafts. Typically, rephrasing a paragraph to enhance clarity or style could take up to several minutes per paragraph depending on complexity. With Wordtune, I can cut this time down by approximately 50%. For example, editing a 500-word article might normally take an hour, but with Wordtune, I can accomplish the same level of refinement in about 30 minutes.

Enhancement in Writing Quality

Wordtune helps improve the readability and professionalism of text. To quantify this, consider the readability scores such as the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. Typically, after using Wordtune, the readability of my articles improves by 10-20%. This means that if a draft initially scores a readability level suitable for a college graduate, Wordtune's suggestions might simplify it to be comprehensible to a high school senior, making the content more accessible to a wider audience.

User Satisfaction

In terms of user satisfaction, it can be measured by both the reduction in effort and the improvement in output quality. Personally, I have found my satisfaction with drafts to increase after using Wordtune, as reflected by fewer rounds of revisions. Before using Wordtune, I might revisit a piece 3-4 times, but now, one or two revisions are often sufficient. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall writing process.

Can Wordtune be trusted?

Yes, Wordtune can be trusted to improve the quality and effectiveness of your writing. Its user-friendly interface, ability to refine phrases, and features for adjusting the emotional tone of your text make it a reliable tool for both personal and professional communication. By enhancing readability and engagement, Wordtune helps ensure your writing makes a positive impact on readers.

Pricing Plans

Wordtune annual pricing plans

Wordtune offers two primary pricing plans: a Free version and a Premium version. Each is designed to suit different user needs and budgets.

Free Version

Monthly Cost: $0

Main Features:

  • Limited to 10 rewrites per day.
  • Basic rewriting capabilities only.
  • Browser extension available.

Ideal User: The free version of Wordtune is ideal for occasional users who need basic sentence rewriting help without the need for extensive daily use. It’s suitable for students, casual writers, or professionals who only occasionally draft documents and emails. The limit of 10 rewrites per day serves as an introduction to the tool’s capabilities without a financial commitment​​.

Premium Version

Monthly Cost: $24.99 per monthYearly Cost: $9.99 per month (billed annually as $119.88)

Main Features:

  • Unlimited daily rewrites.
  • Access to all rewriting features, including tone adjustments, formality tweaks, and length modifications.
  • Integration with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.
  • Priority customer support.

Ideal User:The premium version of Wordtune is justified by its unlimited access and advanced features, which are crucial for users who rely heavily on writing tools for professional or academic purposes. The integration with Microsoft Word and Google Docs is particularly valuable for authors, content creators, and business professionals who frequently prepare detailed reports, articles, or communications. The comprehensive feature set supports a more dynamic and intensive writing process, making the premium price a worthwhile investment for those who need more than just basic assistance.


Get a feel for what Rewrite can do

Just like other AI paraphrasing tools, Wordtune simplifies rewriting but offers unique options that set it apart. When you use Wordtune, especially via the Chrome extension, you'll notice it integrates directly into your browser, making it highly accessible while you write emails or draft documents online. Here’s how each feature functions:

Rewrite It

This is the default option and is included even in the free version. When you select a sentence, Wordtune suggests several alternatives. This feature is straightforward—simply highlight your text, click the Wordtune icon that appears, and see a list of suggestions. I use this feature daily to refine emails, making sure they sound just right before I send them out.

Make It Casual

This option transforms formal text into a more conversational tone. It's ideal when you want to sound friendly and approachable, perhaps in a blog or a casual email to a colleague. For instance, "We request that you submit the report by Monday" could become "Hey, can you drop that report on my desk by Monday?" It’s a feature I find myself using when I want to ensure my writing doesn’t come off as too stiff.

Make It Formal

Conversely, if your text is too laid back, this feature stiffens it up for professional contexts. This is particularly useful for communications in more formal settings like official reports or emails to senior management. For example, "Hey, can you get this back to me?" might change to, "Please return this at your earliest convenience."

Shorten It

This tool is perfect for cutting down lengthy explanations without losing meaning. It’s particularly handy for trimming emails or making points clear and concise. I often use it when I’m over the word limit on a project proposal or need to make a long-winded explanation more digestible.

Expand It

When you need to add more detail or clarity to a sentence, this feature helps you flesh it out. It's great when you’re trying to add more substance to your writing or explain complex ideas more thoroughly. For example, if I start with "Wordtune helps rewrite sentences," it might suggest, "Wordtune assists users by providing different ways to rephrase and enhance their original sentences, making them clearer and more engaging."

Each option is accessed through the same simple interface: highlight the text in your browser or document editor, click the Wordtune icon, and choose your desired rewrite style from the dropdown menu that appears. It’s crucial to check each suggestion, though, as the context might alter the effectiveness of the rewrite. I recommend always reading the rewritten sentences to ensure they still align with your original meaning.

Alternatives To Wordtune

The main alternative to Wordtune is Quillbot as they both have the most similar functionality.


To effectively use Wordtune's features, simply highlight the text you want to edit, click the Wordtune icon, and choose a rewriting style like making it formal, casual, or expanding the sentence. While I appreciate the seamless browser integration and the variety of rewriting options, I find the limit of 10 rewrites per day on the free version a bit restrictive.

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