Originality.AI Review (2024): Pricing, Plans And Features

Originality.AI Review (2024): Pricing, Plans And Features
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Is Originality AI Worth It In 2024?

With the rise of AI in writing, there's a buzz about Google's move to flag AI-only content. Enter Originality.AI, your go-to for safeguarding your AI-created work. It's like having a watchdog for your content in the AI era, especially with its fresh update to version 3.0. This tool checks your work against the possibility of being marked as AI-generated, helping you keep your content's value safe and sound. So, whether you're blending AI into your writing process or exploring new content territories with it, Originality.AI has your back, making sure your effort remains unique and respected.

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What Is Originality AI?

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Originality.AI stands as a straightforward, easy-to-use tool designed for detecting AI-generated content and plagiarism. It excels in its simplicity and effectiveness, a quality that's increasingly vital in today's content-saturated digital landscape.

AI and Plagiarism Detection

In an era where AI-written content is becoming more common, distinguishing between human and AI-generated content is crucial. Originality.AI offers a solution to this challenge. When I conducted tests using articles known to be written by AI, those I was uncertain about, and even a piece I composed using a mix of my own writing and AI-generated paragraphs, Originality.AI consistently delivered accurate results. This reliability speaks volumes about its detection capabilities, showcasing its importance for anyone looking to ensure the authenticity and originality of their content.

User Experience: The Google Chrome Extension

The integration of Originality.AI with a Google Chrome extension aims to streamline the process of checking content directly from your browser. Although I encountered issues obtaining an actual Originality score through the extension, the potential for receiving detailed reports suggests a significant advantage for thorough content analysis. This feature, once fully operational, could greatly aid users in understanding the nuances of their content's originality.

Organizational Tips

A practical piece of advice for using Originality.AI is the importance of manually naming your scans. Since the system doesn't automatically name them, adopting a consistent naming convention can help keep your checks organized and easily retrievable. This small step can enhance your workflow, ensuring you can quickly find and reference previous scans as needed.

Desired Upgrades

Despite its strengths, there are areas where Originality.AI could improve. For example, the ability to upload documents directly for analysis would add convenience, aligning it with the capabilities of other plagiarism checkers and AI detectors. Additionally, a more detailed report would be beneficial for users seeking in-depth insights into their content's uniqueness. These enhancements, while not dealbreakers, would elevate the overall user experience.

Review Summary

Originality.AI Review Summary
Aspect Details
Purpose Designed for detecting AI-generated content and plagiarism.
User-Friendly Design Straightforward, no-nonsense design, easy to use without a learning curve.
Accuracy 98.8% accuracy rate in detecting GPT-4 and ChatGPT content.
Use Cases Beneficial for publishers, students, journalists, editors, web designers, and anyone involved in content production or management.
Comparison On par with or more sensitive than other AI detectors, especially with the latest update.
Pricing Structure Cost Per Scan: $0.01 per 100 words. Credit Packages range from $20 for 2,000 credits to $500 for 50,000 credits.
Integration Easily integrates into existing workflows, particularly at the developmental and substantive stages of content editing.
Wishlist Desire for more detailed insights into which portions of the text are suspected of being AI-written.
Alternatives Compares Originality.AI with Copyscape and Content at Scale’s free AI detector, noting a good balance of features for its price point.

Pros of Originality.AI:

  • High Accuracy: Originality.AI is reported to have a high accuracy rate, especially with its latest update, achieving a 98.8% success rate in detecting AI-generated content like GPT-4 and ChatGPT​​.
  • Ease of Integration: The tool can be easily integrated into workflows, particularly with plugins for platforms like Google Docs and Microsoft Word, facilitating seamless checks for plagiarism or AI-generated content​​.
  • Flexible Pricing: Offers a credit-based pricing model, making it an affordable option for various users, from individuals to teams, with each credit costing just $0.01​​.
  • Wide Range of Use Cases: Suitable for content creators, educators, businesses, bloggers, SEO specialists, digital marketing agencies, and anyone concerned with content originality​​.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly check text for AI content and/or plagiarism without the need for extensive training​​.

Cons of Originality.AI:

  • Inconsistencies in AI Detection: Some tests showed Originality.AI incorrectly identifying unique content as 100% unique when it contained a mix of unique and AI content. Plenty of users are using AI rewriting tools to bypass Originality AI.
  • Occasional Inaccuracy with Paraphrased Content: Tests revealed that Originality.AI sometimes failed to detect AI-generated content that had been paraphrased by human writers and even AI humanizing tools, indicating a potential area for improvement in its ability to handle paraphrased text​​.
  • Mixed Results with Complex Edits: In some scenarios, Originality.AI was tricked by content that had been significantly edited or styled to appear more human-like, though it generally performed well in detecting AI involvement​​​​.


originality AI Pricing

When you're ready to ensure your content is unique and free from AI fingerprints, Originality.AI offers a straightforward, credit-based system for scanning your work. Let's break down how it operates, making it easier for you to integrate this tool into your content verification process.

Cost Per Scan: A Simple Breakdown

Every 100 words you decide to scan with Originality.AI costs 1 credit, equivalent to $0.01. This rate means scanning a document of 500 words will use up 5 credits from your account. It's a simple and efficient way to manage your usage based on the length of your content.

Flexible Payment Model: Pay As You Go

One of the highlights of Originality.AI is its pay-as-you-go payment model. This system means there are no surprise fees or subscriptions. You only buy credits as you need them. Once your credits run low or run out, you're free to purchase more, matching your actual usage without any waste or unexpected costs.

Scan Options: Your Control

Originality.AI offers flexibility in what you're scanning for. You can choose to check for plagiarism, AI-generated content, or both. It's worth noting, though, that opting for both checks doubles the credit cost for every 100 words. This option gives you control over the depth of your content's examination based on your specific needs.

Credit Purchase Tiers: Matching Your Needs

Depending on the volume of content you produce and how frequently you check it, Originality.AI has designed various credit packages to suit different needs:

  • $20 Package: Offers 2,000 credits, perfect for scanning up to 200,000 words for either plagiarism or AI detection.
  • $50 Package: Provides 5,000 credits, enabling up to 500,000 words to be scanned.
  • $100 Package: You receive 10,000 credits, suitable for up to 1 million words.
  • $250 Package: With 25,000 credits, scan up to 2.5 million words.
  • $500 Package: The largest package offers 50,000 credits, ideal for scanning up to 5 million words.

Advice for Beginners

As you get ready to use Originality.AI, consider the scope of your content needs. For occasional checks, starting with a smaller package might be the way to go. However, if you're managing large volumes of content regularly, investing in a bigger package could offer better value in the long run. Remember, the flexibility of this model allows you to adjust your purchase based on changing needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.


Let's break down each feature, understanding its purpose and how it benefits your work.

Precise AI Detection

Imagine having a tool that almost perfectly tells you if the text was written by a computer or a human. Originality.AI does just that, with a staggering 99% success rate for spotting content created by the latest AI, GPT-4. It's slightly less effective with ChatGPT (GPT-4 powered) content at 83%, but this is still impressive. The tool rarely gets it wrong, with about 2% of decisions being false alarms. This feature is invaluable for maintaining content integrity and originality.

Advanced Plagiarism Checks

Ever worried your text might be too similar to something already out there? Originality.AI's plagiarism checking tool is top-notch. It's especially good at finding "Paraphrase Plagiarism" – when someone has tried to disguise copied content by rewriting it slightly. This makes Originality.AI unique and extremely helpful for ensuring your content is genuinely yours.

Fact-Checking Aid

Publishing incorrect facts can damage your credibility. That's where Originality.AI's Fact Checking Aid comes in. It helps lower the risk of inaccuracies in your content, making sure what you publish is as accurate as possible. This tool is a must-have for maintaining trust with your readers.

Team Management Made Simple

If you're working with a team, managing everyone's contributions can be challenging. Originality.AI simplifies this with features that let you add or remove team members, adjust their access levels, and monitor their activity, including the scores of AI vs. human-written content scans. This keeps everyone on the same page and ensures consistent quality across all content.

AI Content Detector API

For those wanting to integrate AI detection into their own tools or workflows, Originality.AI offers an API. This means you can automate the process of checking content originality without leaving your current software environment, streamlining your operations and saving time.

Readability Score

Understanding how easy your content is to read can be crucial for engaging your audience. Originality.AI not only gives your content a readability score but also provides insights based on a study of 20,000 results to help you hit the target readability score for top Google results. This feature helps ensure your content is both engaging and SEO-friendly.

Accuracy Test

With Originality.AI you can add unlimited team members, complete unlimited scans and share reports of you checking if AI Writing Tools were used, content was Plagiarized, if the content has the ideal Readability Score and if Fact Checking was completed

With its 3.0 update, Originality.AI now boasts a 98.8% accuracy rate in detecting content generated by advanced AI models like GPT-4 and ChatGPT. This improvement from the previous 94% accuracy demonstrates the tool's evolving capability to differentiate between human and AI-written texts.

When you use different AI detectors, you'll notice that the responses vary. For instance, the same piece of text might be identified as 93% human by one tool, 80% human by another (with comments on predictability), and 50% AI-generated by a third. This variance highlights the challenge in setting a clear threshold for AI-generated content in your articles.

The key advice here is to select a sophisticated AI detector, such as Originality.AI, and use it consistently. This approach ensures uniform standards for evaluating the authenticity of your content, maintaining consistency across your writers and editors.

Delving Deeper: AI Detection and Insights

While Originality.AI excels in identifying AI-generated content, it leaves room for enhancement by not pinpointing which text segments are suspected of being AI-written. This feature, offered by several free AI detectors, could enrich the tool's utility by providing more granular insights.

The Plagiarism Detection Feature

Plagiarism detection is another forte of Originality.AI, adept at identifying genuine cases of content replication without flagging common phrases as plagiarism. This precision in distinguishing between incidental similarities and actual plagiarism adds a layer of reliability to the tool, catering to the need for authentic content creation.


I'm going to keep this short and simple. The closest competitor to Originality AI is Winston AI, mainly because of it's similar results when it comes to AI detection. I know the UI and controls are different, but Winston has shown questionably similar output results to Originality when we tested it with 5 different sample texts which came straight out of ChatGPT.

Here are the results:

Sample Text Originality AI Winston AI
Mountain climbers face the daunting challenge of reaching the summit, battling against harsh weather, altitude sickness, and sheer physical exhaustion. Each step up the steep, icy slopes is a test of willpower and endurance. Reaching the peak offers an unparalleled sense of accomplishment, overlooking vast landscapes that stretch to the horizon. 66% 59%
Jumping out of an airplane at 13,000 feet, skydivers experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. Free-falling at speeds over 120 mph, the earth rushes up to meet them in a thrilling blur. It's an experience of pure freedom, culminating in a peaceful parachute ride back to solid ground. 60% 50%
Explorers recently uncovered the ruins of a civilization lost to time, deep in the Amazon jungle. Among the ruins, they found incredible artifacts that challenge our understanding of history. The civilization, known as the Zoltek, may have possessed advanced knowledge of astronomy and engineering. 61% 64%
In a world ravaged by climate change and societal collapse, a band of survivors navigates the dangers of a dystopian future. Scavenging through ruins of once-great cities, they search for resources to rebuild. Amidst the chaos, they find hope in small acts of kindness and the possibility of a new beginning. 87% 88%
Waking up to a different skyline every other week, digital nomads lead a life many dream about. From bustling cities to serene beaches, they work remotely, exploring the world one destination at a time. However, this lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges, including finding reliable Wi-Fi and dealing with time zone differences. 80% 75%


Adopt Originality.AI for AI and plagiarism detection to maintain the authenticity of your content. Use it consistently across your team to uphold content integrity and improve its uniqueness, leveraging its high accuracy rate and detailed plagiarism insights.

True Or False?

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