Stealthwriter Review [2024] - All Pros & Cons

Stealthwriter Review [2024] - All Pros & Cons
"This DESTROYED My ChatGPT Workflow!"
- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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What Is Stealthwriter?

Stealth Writer is a tool that turns AI-written text into something that sounds like a human wrote it. Think about when you have to write a lot of content, and you want to make sure it's unique and won't get caught by tools that check if you've copied something from the internet. I use Stealth Writer because it saves me time and makes sure my work is always fresh and original. You just put in your text, pick how "human" you want it to sound, and it does the rest. I've used it for everything from emails to reports, and it's great at making sure everything I write sounds just right. It's like having a personal editor who makes sure your writing is always top-notch and one-of-a-kind.

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Stealthwriter AI - Is It Worth It?

Effectiveness of Stealthwriter

In a fast-paced world, AI content tools like StealthWriter are a lifeline for those of us tight on time or not too confident in our writing skills. For me, using StealthWriter has been a game-changer. It's straightforward: I put my rough content into the system, choose how human I want it to sound, and voila, I get content that looks like I spent hours on it.

Let me walk you through how simple yet effective it is. The interface is user-friendly. Right when you log in, you find yourself on the main page where you can input your text. It's right there, can't miss it. Then, you have a slider or a dropdown (depending on the update) to select your "humanization" level. It's like telling the tool, "Hey, make this sound like it was written by a person sitting in a coffee shop, not a robot."

I've tested this with blogs. You know, the kind you scroll through while having your morning coffee. After running my AI-generated drafts through StealthWriter, I checked their uniqueness with a couple of leading AI detection tools, including And let me tell you, it's impressive. Most times, these tools can't tell my content was first drafted by an AI.

Performance-wise, I'll give you some numbers to chew on. I've noticed that the content StealthWriter spits out has a uniqueness score of about 98% or higher on most plagiarism checkers. That's solid, especially when you're aiming to stand out or avoid any penalties on platforms that value originality.

Precaution-wise, don't forget to review the content it generates. While StealthWriter does a stellar job, it's always good to add your personal touch. Make it sound even more like you. Plus, this extra step ensures that any minor errors that slip through can be caught and fixed.


  1. Enhances AI-Generated Content: Stealthwriter AI is adept at transforming AI-generated text into content that mimics human writing, making it more relatable and engaging for readers​​.
  2. Bypasses AI Detection: The tool has shown capability in evading AI detection algorithms, ensuring the content is not flagged as AI-generated, which is beneficial for maintaining authenticity and emotional resonance​.
  3. Versatile Applications: Stealthwriter AI has a range of applications, from content marketing to social media management, email campaigns, copywriting, and even ghostwriting, offering valuable assistance across different facets of digital content creation​.
  4. Injects Personality and Emotion: It aims to add emotional depth and personality to the content, making it more likely to connect with and be appreciated by the target audience​.


  1. Quality Concerns: Testing revealed that content processed through Stealthwriter AI could end up with numerous grammatical errors and occasionally lack coherence, indicating a potential compromise on quality for the sake of undetectability​​.
  2. Ethical and Integrity Questions: The approach of introducing grammatical inconsistencies to mimic human error and evade AI detection raises ethical concerns, highlighting a focus on detection evasion over content integrity​​.
  3. Potentially Misleading: While Stealthwriter AI can make AI-generated content appear human-written, this aspect could be misleading if used unethically, potentially eroding trust between content creators and their audience if discovered​​.
  4. Limited by AI Capabilities: Despite its advanced algorithms, the effectiveness of Stealthwriter AI is still constrained by the limitations inherent in current AI technologies, particularly in understanding context and nuanced human expressions fully​​.


AI Detector With a  99.6% Accuracy Rate

Here are the 8 fundamental features of Stealth writer:

Humanizer Generator Settings

From my experience, the Humanizer Generator in the tool is a standout feature. It comes with three settings: Easy, Medium, and Aggressive. Each setting adjusts how much the text is changed to sound like it was written by a human. I found the Medium setting to be the sweet spot for most of my content, making it sound natural without losing the original message. You can find these settings easily at the top of the page after you input your text, clearly labeled and ready to use.

Bypassing AI Detection

This tool has a knack for making content that flies under the radar of AI detection tools like Originality AI and Turnitin. This is crucial for me because I need my content to be seen as original. The tool does this by rephrasing and restructuring the text in a way that's unique every time. It's not just about avoiding detection; it's about ensuring the content remains plagiarism-free, which brings me to the next point.

Plagiarism-Free Content

Guaranteeing 100% original content is a big promise, but from what I've seen, the tool delivers. This is because it doesn't just swap out synonyms. It reimagines the content. This feature is vital for me because my work needs to stand on its own as unique and new.


SEO optimization is a game of balancing keywords with readability. The tool retains essential keywords while improving the flow of the article, making it more engaging to read. This balance is key for content to rank well on search engines without sounding robotic.

Flawless Quality

No grammar, spelling, or odd phrasing issues here. I'm impressed with how the tool maintains high-quality writing standards. It's like having an editor and a writer rolled into one. This saves me a lot of time on proofreading.

Multiple Versions

The ability to generate different versions of humanized content is a feature I frequently use. It allows for flexibility, especially when A/B testing content strategies. Each version it produces is unique, giving me options to choose from without extra effort.

Interactive Sentence Alternatives

Real-time sentence alternatives are a game-changer. As you go through the generated content, you can click on sentences to see different ways they could be written. This interactive element allows for on-the-fly editing, making it easy to tailor the content to my exact needs.

Built-in AI Detector

Finally, the built-in AI detector confirms the content is undetectable by other AI detection tools. This feature gives me peace of mind, knowing the content won't be flagged as AI-generated. It's easy to use, with a simple checkmark appearing once the content passes the detection test.


Pricing Plans

Free Version

Starting off, the Free plan is perfect for anyone just dipping their toes into the world of AI-assisted writing. You get up to 500 words per day, which is quite generous for casual users or small tasks. This plan is ideal for students, bloggers, or freelancers who need a quick assist now and then but aren't churning out massive amounts of content daily. It's a great way to test the waters and see just how much Stealth Writer can improve your writing without spending a dime.

Pro Plan

At $9.99 a month, the Pro plan boosts your daily word limit to a hefty 5,000 words. This is where things get serious. For less than the price of a couple of coffees, you can unlock features that make the tool indispensable for professional writers, content creators, and small business owners. The Pro plan is tailor-made for individuals who are consistently producing content and need that extra bit of assistance to keep their work fresh, original, and engaging. The jump in word limit means you can handle most, if not all, of your daily writing needs with ease.

Business Plan

The Business plan, priced at $19.99 a month, catapults your daily word limit to an impressive 15,000 words. This is the powerhouse for businesses and agencies that produce a high volume of content regularly. It's ideal for teams that need to collaborate on content creation, offering enough bandwidth to cover articles, reports, emails, and more. At this level, the price justifies itself by the sheer amount of time and resources saved. Instead of hiring additional writers or spending countless hours writing and editing, the Business plan streamlines your content production process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Justifying the Price

Each pricing tier of Stealth Writer is designed with the user in mind, scaling up to match the needs of different types of users. The Free plan is a great entry point, offering enough daily words for casual use and smaller projects. The Pro plan, with its reasonable monthly fee, provides a substantial increase in daily words, catering to professionals and content creators whose livelihood depends on consistent and high-quality writing. Lastly, the Business plan is an investment that pays off by accommodating the demands of larger teams and businesses, ensuring that content needs are met without compromise.


Here are some other AI humanizing tools that can compare with StealthGPT in terms of features, pricing and effectiveness.

Searching Stealthwriter


Quillbot main function

QuillBot is like that friend who always knows just what to say and how to say it better. It's a paraphrasing tool that takes your original text and spins it into different versions, improving clarity and readability or changing the tone to suit your needs. Perfect for students, writers, and professionals looking to refine their work, QuillBot is all about making your writing more effective and engaging.


Spinbot is the go-to for those moments when you're trying to give your text a fresh look without changing the message. It's a straightforward tool that rewrites articles or any text, really, making it original and plagiarism-free. Ideal for content creators on a budget who need to churn out content regularly, Spinbot helps keep things fresh without breaking the bank.


GPTzero is like a trusty sidekick for anyone wary of the flood of AI-generated text out there. It's designed to sniff out whether a piece of writing was crafted by a human or an AI. This tool is super handy for educators, publishers, or anyone else looking to ensure the authenticity and originality of content. Think of it as a lie detector test, but for writing. is like having a brainstorming buddy that's there 24/7, ready to spitball ideas for your next big project. It's an AI-powered tool that excels at generating marketing copy, blog ideas, product descriptions, and more. With, solo entrepreneurs, marketers, and small teams can overcome writer's block and create compelling content that resonates with their audience.


Jumping into StealthWriter, I've found it crucial for transforming rough drafts into polished content, significantly reducing the time and effort required. While the occasional grammatical slip-ups can be a thorn in my side, the ability to effortlessly bypass AI detection tools and produce unique, human-like writing impresses me every time.

True Or False?

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