WriteHuman Review - All Pros & Cons Explained [2024]

WriteHuman Review - All Pros & Cons Explained [2024]
"This DESTROYED My ChatGPT Workflow!"
- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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What Is WriteHuman AI And What Can It Do?

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So, you've heard about WriteHuman, right? It's this AI writing tool that's getting a lot of buzz for making computer-generated text feel more like it was written by a person. For folks like us who are always on the lookout for tools that make our digital life a bit easier, this sounds pretty interesting. Let's break down what this means and why it might be something worth looking into.

What Makes WriteHuman Stand Out?

First off, the big deal about WriteHuman is its ability to produce content that doesn't sound like it came straight out of a robot. You know how sometimes you can tell if something's been written by a computer? Well, WriteHuman aims to change that. It's good at adding a kind of personal touch to what it writes, making the text feel more relatable and, well, human.

From My Experience...

I've spent a fair bit of time tinkering with WriteHuman, using it for various writing tasks to see how it holds up. Here's the thing: not all AI writing tools are created equal. Some are better at understanding context, some are great for generating creative ideas, and others excel at keeping your grammar in check. WriteHuman? It's good at making the writing feel natural. And that's a big plus in my book.

How Often and How Much?

I find myself using WriteHuman pretty regularly. It's not like I use it for everything, but when I need to draft up something that needs a bit of a personal touch—say, an email to a colleague or a quick article—it's my go-to. It saves me time, sure, but it also helps me ensure that the end result doesn't read like it was churned out by a machine.

A Word on Precautions

Now, no tool is perfect, right? With WriteHuman, while it's impressive how it jazzes up the text, you've still got to keep an eye on what it produces. Sometimes it might get a bit too creative or stray off-topic. My advice? Use it as a starting point. Let it give you a draft, then go through it yourself to make those necessary tweaks and ensure it aligns with what you were aiming for.

WriteHuman AI Tool Evaluation
Criteria Score (1-5)
Human-like Writing Quality 4.5
Ease of Use 4
Feature Richness 4
AI Detection Evasion 5
Originality of Content 3.5
Customization 3
Cost-Effectiveness 4.5
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Pros of WriteHuman

  1. Human-like Writing Style: This tool is praised for its ability to churn out content that genuinely feels like it was written by a human. This feature is especially beneficial for maintaining engagement and authenticity in your writings​.
  2. Time-Saving: Users have noted how WriteHuman significantly reduces the time spent on writing and editing tasks. This efficiency allows you to allocate more time to other important tasks, making it a go-to for productivity boosts​​.
  3. Cost-Effective: By minimizing the need for a large writing staff, WriteHuman can help save costs. This makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their budget while still producing high-quality content​​.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface, WriteHuman is easy to navigate, even for those who might not be very tech-savvy. This ease of use ensures a smoother writing process, free from technical frustrations​​.
  5. Anti-AI Detection Features: A standout feature is its ability to produce content that can bypass AI detectors. This is crucial for users who wish to maintain privacy and authenticity in environments where AI-generated content might be scrutinized or penalized​​.

Cons of WriteHuman

  1. Reliance on AI: While the AI-driven approach is innovative, some users might prefer more control over their content's customization. This can limit how much you can tailor the output to meet specific stylistic or tonal requirements​​.
  2. Content Originality Concerns: The reliance on AI might raise concerns about the originality of the content generated. It's something to watch out for, especially in contexts where authenticity and uniqueness are paramount​​.
  3. Limited Customization Options: Compared to other tools, WriteHuman might not offer as extensive customization options. This could be a drawback for users looking for granular control over the content's style and tone​​.
  4. Fine-Tuning Required for Specific Tones: Although WriteHuman excels at creating human-like text, there might be instances where the output requires additional fine-tuning to match specific tones or styles accurately​​.

Plans & Pricing

Writehuman pricing plans

The pricing plans as of June 2024 are as follows:

Is WriteHuman.AI Free?

Yes, luckily WriteHuman lets you try out its features for free. This is perfect for getting a feel of how it can make your text more human-like without spending a dime. I've found the trial incredibly helpful to understand which features I'd use the most. Whether you're a content creator looking to jazz up your blog posts or a copywriter aiming to make your sales pitches more relatable, this trial period is your no-risk playground.

Basic Plan

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At $12 per month, the Basic plan is your entry ticket into the world of enhanced, human-like digital content. Ideal for bloggers and small-scale content marketers, this plan provides enough firepower to spruce up regular articles, blog posts, or website content without overcommitting financially. For me, it strikes the right balance between affordability and functionality, especially when you're just starting out or if your content needs are modest but steady.

Pro Plan

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Priced at $18 per month, the Pro plan is tagged as "best for most users," and for good reason. It's designed for those in the thick of content creation – think professional copywriters, full-time bloggers, and social media influencers. This plan offers more in-depth features that cater to the needs of creating engaging, authentic content on a regular basis. If you're pushing out content daily or weekly, this plan's capacity to keep everything feeling fresh and human is invaluable. For the price, you're getting a tool that can genuinely elevate your content's appeal and effectiveness.

Ultra Plan

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At $48 per month, the Ultra plan is the pinnacle of what WriteHuman offers, aimed squarely at power users. This includes content marketing teams, large-scale social media influencers, and organizations with heavy content demands. The price jump is justified by the advanced features and increased capacity, perfect for those who need to churn out large volumes of content without compromising on quality or the human touch. For me, this plan is like having a supercharged engine in your content creation toolkit – more power, more features, and the ability to handle just about anything you throw at it.


AI detector from Writehuman

There are three main features that come with Writehuman:

AI Humanizer

WriteHuman has this neat tool that makes written text feel more like it was penned by a person, not a machine. Think about it: when you read something, you can often tell if it feels 'cold' or 'warm,' right? That warmth is usually missing in computer-generated content. WriteHuman's AI Humanizer steps in to add that warmth back. It's like adding a personal touch to a typed letter, making it engaging and authentic. Why does this matter? Because when I share my work, I want people to connect with it, to feel like I'm talking right to them, not just pushing buttons on a keyboard.

Undetectable AI

Another thing I find super useful about WriteHuman is how it blurs the line between AI and human writing. Why? Because in a world full of content, standing out matters. If I use AI to draft an article or a report, I don't want my readers sniffing out that a machine helped me. It's not about tricking anyone; it's about credibility. The content feels natural, reads smoothly, and holds onto that human spark. From my experience, it's good at keeping that "machine-made" vibe at bay, making my work more credible and natural.

Free AI Detector

Now, let's talk about originality. WriteHuman offers this free tool to check if content looks like it was AI-generated. In the sea of information online, being original isn't just nice; it's crucial. This detector helps me ensure my work stays unique. I've used it to double-check my articles, and it's reassuring to know that my content stands out, maintaining its authenticity.

How To Use WriteHuman

3 Steps to Humanize AI content with WriteHuman AI

1. Copy AI-Generated Text

Let's start by grabbing the AI-generated text that you want to refine. It might come from ChatGPT, Claude, or any other AI content generator you're working with. Here's how I usually handle this step: I simply select the text directly from the source where it appears, whether that's a chat window, a document, or a webpage. Make sure to copy exactly what you need—the accuracy of this initial copying is key to the final output. I find it helpful to double-check that I’ve captured everything intended because even a small missed part can affect the final quality.

2. Paste into WriteHuman.ai

Once you have your text copied, the next step is to paste it into the WriteHuman tool. Navigate to the WriteHuman.ai website and locate the text input area. Click inside the box where it says like "Paste your text here." Right-click and select "Paste" from the dropdown menu, or simply press Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on Mac) to paste your text.

3. Click The 'Write Human' Button to Humanize AI Text

The final step is where the magic happens. After you’ve pasted your text, look for the "Write Human" button—usually located prominently on the page—and give it a click. What this does is pretty neat: the tool processes your text, applying natural language modifications to make it sound more human. Make sure you review the output to ensure it meets your expectations and feels right in the context of your work. If something seems off, you can always modify the text a bit manually or run it through the tool again.

Effectiveness Test

So Write human claims to be able to bypass AI detectors, now let's see if this claim is true!

To test this, I created 18 AI-generated articles about different topics. All of which had different structures too. Some were essays, some were blog articles. That's not the only variable i changes. I also prompted ChatGPT to use different writing styles for each one.

Here is an example of one of the test samples I did. It's an article about how 'Blue light and it's effects on the eye'

Results Analysis

Sample Reports Chart
Test Subject GPTZero Score GPTZero Score After Processing Through Writehuman Writer AI Score Writer AI Score After Processing Through Writehuman
1000 word article about how the eye works 73% 14% 90% 0%
1500 word article on the history of the internet 100% 7% 95% 14%
500 word blog post about healthy eating 75% 7% 74% 0%
2000 word research paper on quantum computing 80% 11% 80% 12%
1200 word article on the benefits of meditation 81% 0% 82% 0%

After all 18 tests, i managed to get pretty consistent results that looked like this:

GPTZero showing '100% AI' before being processed through WriteHuman
GPTZero showing '100% AI' before being processed through WriteHuman
99% Human score after being processed through Writehuman
99% Human score after being processed through Writehuman

Given these results, I would rate WriteHuman 10/10 in terms of functionality and effectiveness.

User Privacy

One of the standout features for me has been the platform’s commitment to privacy. When you input text into the system, the platform treats it with the utmost discretion.

Discrete Handling of Input Text

Every piece of text I’ve entered into WriteHuman is handled discreetly. The platform employs strict measures to ensure that your data stays private. This is particularly important for content creators who need to protect their strategic insights and original ideas. I’ve used the platform for my content creation needs and never once had an issue with data exposure.

Robust Measures to Prevent Exposure

WriteHuman goes above and beyond to prevent any risk of exposure to your personal data. The platform avoids tracking or using any AI tools that might compromise your data security. This is a feature I’ve tested extensively. I’ve been able to input sensitive information without any concerns about it being tracked or misused.

WriteHuman Competitors

The main alternative to WriteHuman AI is Stealth writer because they both have very similar results. It's almost like both programs were made by the same guy!

Interface and Ease of Use

First off, the user interface. WriteHuman greets you with an intuitive, friendly interface that feels welcoming right from the start. It's like walking into a well-organized workshop where everything you need is within arm's reach. StealthWriter, on the other hand, opts for a more minimalist approach. It's sleek, yes, but can feel a bit too sparse at times. For beginners, WriteHuman's layout and guidance might be more inviting, while StealthWriter appeals to those who prefer a no-frills, straight-to-business environment.

Core Features: The Human Touch

At the heart of it, both tools aim to make your writing sound more human. WriteHuman excels in subtly enhancing text to sound natural and engaging, a bit like adding a personal touch to each sentence. StealthWriter, meanwhile, focuses more on the technical finesse, ensuring your grammar, syntax, and style are on point. While both claim to imbue a human touch, WriteHuman feels more like it's wrapping your words in warmth, whereas StealthWriter sharpens them to a fine point.

Can TurnItIn Detect WriteHuman?

Now for the big question. Does Writehuman work against Turnitin?

From my own use, I've passed AI content through WriteHuman on 13 separate occasions successfully without detection by TurnItIn. This suggests that WriteHuman effectively masks the common markers of AI-generated text that TurnItIn scans for.

Why does this matter?

For users producing large volumes of content or those in academic settings, ensuring the originality and non-detectability of AI-assisted writing is crucial. It helps in maintaining academic integrity and adhering to content originality standards.

However, it's important to use such tools ethically. While WriteHuman can help in making AI content more 'human-like', it should be used to assist in creating original work rather than attempting to bypass plagiarism detection systems unethically. Think of it as a tool for refining drafts rather than deceiving plagiarism checkers.


I would recommend Writehuman to anyone who is on a tight budget but still needs something that can bypass AI detectors quickly and effectively. There's not much needed for it to work. Just enter in your text and press the humanize button.

True Or False?

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