ZeroGPT Review [2024] - All Pros & Cons Revealed

ZeroGPT Review [2024] - All Pros & Cons Revealed
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In the age of AI, writing something on your own doesn't mean you won't be suspected of using an AI tool. This is where Zero GPT steps in. It's a go-to for students, teachers, and professionals to check if their work has any signs of being AI-generated. Just upload your document or paste your text, and get immediate feedback. While it's popular for its user-friendly approach, it's worth noting that it doesn't always get it right; sometimes, it might mistake your own writing for AI's work. Our A*Help team tested Zero GPT to see how effective it is in spotting AI-written content, aiming to help you steer clear of unnecessary trouble with your work.

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What Is ZeroGPT?

person deeply focused on analyzing ZeroGPT's performance on content

ZeroGPT is a tool created to figure out if text was made by a computer program, like ChatGPT or Google Bard, or by a person. Think of it as a detective that examines words to catch clues about their origin. This is handy for anyone who values original content, from students to professionals.

How ZeroGPT Works

ZeroGPT uses a special system called DeepAnalyse™ to inspect the text. It checks how the words are put together, looking for patterns that are typical of AI or human writing. The claim is that it can do this correctly over 98% of the time, for text in any language. That's impressive, but remember, no tool is perfect. Clever tricks can sometimes trick it into making a mistake. In other words, ZeroGPT detection can be avoided, even with ChatGPT generated content.

Who Benefits from ZeroGPT

This tool is great for a wide range of people. Students and teachers can use it to make sure work is original. Writers and copywriters can check their content to ensure it's not too similar to AI-generated text. It's all about making sure the content is genuine and unique.

Is ZeroGPT Worth It?

Now, the big question: Is ZeroGPT worth your time? It depends on your needs. If you're serious about ensuring your content is original, then yes, it's a valuable tool. But keep in mind that it's not foolproof. Some AI-generated content can slip through its checks, so it's not a guarantee. Still, for a quick check or an added layer of assurance, it's a helpful resource.


  • Free to Use: ZeroGPT is accessible without any charge, making it an appealing option for individuals and institutions looking to check for AI-generated content without incurring costs​​.
  • No Registration Required: Users can start using ZeroGPT immediately without having to register or log in, simplifying the process considerably​​.
  • Supports Multiple AI Models: The tool is capable of analyzing text across various AI models, enhancing its utility for a broad spectrum of AI detection needs​​.


  • Inconsistent Detection Accuracy: Despite claims of high accuracy rates, independent testing and user experiences have pointed to issues with false positives and challenges in distinguishing between AI-generated and human-authored content. For example, a Reddit user reported their own writing being incorrectly flagged as AI-generated, and a testing by Futurism found that it falsely accused nearly 20% of students of academic misconduct​​.
  • Cannot Print Results: Users are unable to print the results of their AI detection analysis directly from ZeroGPT, which might limit the tool's practicality in some academic or professional settings​​.

Review Summary

ZeroGPT Evaluation Summary

Below is an overview of ZeroGPT's performance across different categories:

Category Score Description
Pricing 8/10 The pricing of ZeroGPT is considered fair, reflecting the value it offers. While not the cheapest, the cost is justified by the tool's accuracy and multilingual support.
UI/UX 9/10 The user interface and user experience are highly rated for their simplicity and ease of use. The design facilitates a straightforward process for text analysis.
ZeroGPT Features 6/10 While ZeroGPT is strong in text detection, its feature set is more limited compared to other tools. It excels in its core function but lacks additional functionalities.


Score: 8/10

ZeroGPT Pricing and API Business Plans

ZeroGPT offers a range of pricing options designed to cater to different needs, whether you're an individual user, a professional, or a business looking for API integration. Let's delve into the details to help you understand the value and features each plan provides.

Free Plan

Starting with the Free plan, it's an excellent option if you're looking to test ZeroGPT's capabilities without financial commitment. This plan allows for up to 15,000 characters per AI detection, along with access to 5 batch file checks, and tools like AI Summarizer, Paraphraser, Grammar & Spell Check, and ZeroCHAT-4. This variety of features makes it a robust starting point for occasional users or those evaluating the tool's effectiveness​​.

Pro Plan

For users requiring more from their AI detection tool, the Pro plan at $7.99 per month (when paid annually) or $9.99 monthly offers a significant leap in capability. This includes 100,000 characters per AI detection, 50 batch file checks, and enhancements across all additional tools like the AI Summarizer, Paraphraser, and Grammar & Spell Check. This plan suits professionals who regularly rely on AI text detection and need more extensive resources​​.

Max Plan

The Max plan, priced at $18.99 monthly (or $26.99 without the annual discount), pushes the boundaries further by offering up to 100,000 characters for AI detection, 75 batch file checks, and even larger capacities for the AI Summarizer, Paraphraser, Grammar & Spell Check. Designed for heavy users and organizations that need the highest level of service and features, including a substantial increase in prompts for ZeroCHAT-5​​.

API Business Plans

ZeroGPT also caters to businesses and developers needing to integrate AI detection into their applications or services. The API plans start from $0.034 per 1,000 words, offering scalable solutions depending on the detection volume and batch file requirements. This flexibility is ideal for integrating sophisticated AI text detection capabilities into custom solutions, supporting everything from small projects to large-scale applications​​.

Each plan is justified by the range of features and capacities it offers. The Free plan is a great no-cost way to experience ZeroGPT, while the Pro and Max plans provide significant value for more demanding users, offering increased character limits, batch checks, and more comprehensive tool access. The API Business Plans are priced competitively, providing scalable solutions for integrating ZeroGPT into various applications.

How Accurate Is ZeroGPT?

When we put ZeroGPT to the test with topics, we got a mix of results. Let's break down how it did across different areas, using a simple scoring system from 0 to 1, where 1 means perfect.


  • Basic Overview (What is Jasper.AI?): Score: 0.95/1. This shows ZeroGPT can really grasp and explain what is about pretty well.

Digging Deeper

  • Functionality (How Does Jasper.AI Work?): Score: 0.72/1. Here, ZeroGPT had some trouble. It seems like explaining the inner workings of isn't its strong suit.
  • Origins (Who Created Jasper.AI): Score: 0.75/1. Identifying the creators of was also a bit challenging for ZeroGPT, suggesting room for improvement.
  • Target Users (Who is Jasper.AI for?): Score: 0.64/1. ZeroGPT managed to give some insights into who might benefit from but didn't cover it fully.
  • Cost (Is Jasper.AI Free?): Score: 0.68/1. It provided a decent understanding of's pricing but lacked comprehensive details.

Practical Use

  • Usage Guide (How to Write an Article with Jasper.AI?): Score: 0.3/1. This was the toughest area for ZeroGPT, indicating it struggles with giving step-by-step instructions on using effectively.


ZeroGPT user interface

Score: 9/10

ZeroGPT makes it really simple to find out if the text was made by an AI or a person. Here's what you need to do: just type or paste your text into the box on their website, then hit the “Detect Text” button. What happens next is pretty neat. The tool uses smart algorithms to look at your text and figure out where it came from. Right away, it shows you the results in a way that's easy to understand.

Understanding Your Results

When ZeroGPT is done analyzing, you'll see the outcome. It might tell you your text looks like it was written by a person or that it probably came from an AI, like ChatGPT. Plus, there’s a gauge that shows what portion of your text looks like AI wrote it. This is super helpful for getting a quick sense of how much of your text might flag as AI-generated.

Multilingual Support

Here’s something cool: ZeroGPT works with any language. That means no matter where you are in the world or what language you're working with, you can use this tool. It's great for businesses or groups that work across different countries or deal with texts in several languages. Just imagine the possibilities for global teams or companies serving customers around the world.

Why This Matters

For anyone wanting to make sure their text is original or to check if something they read is from a human or an AI, ZeroGPT offers a straightforward solution. Its user-friendly approach and the immediate feedback it provides are invaluable, especially in today's digital age where AI-generated content is everywhere. Plus, its ability to handle multiple languages with ease makes it a go-to tool for a global audience.

ZeroGPT Features

Simple and Credible Open AI and Bard detector tool for Free

ZeroGPT shines in figuring out if a piece of text was created by a human or an AI, like ChatGPT or Google Bard. It's pretty good at this, boasting an accuracy of over 98%. This high level of accuracy didn't just happen overnight; it's the result of analyzing more than 10 million articles and texts. These weren't just any texts, but a mix of AI-generated and human-written ones, providing a broad base for comparison.

The Role of DeepAnalyse™ Technology

At the heart of ZeroGPT is something called DeepAnalyse™ Technology. This isn't just a fancy term—it's a sophisticated system developed through in-depth research and experiments. The team behind ZeroGPT didn't work in isolation. They looked at what others had discovered, considering findings from reputable studies and papers. This collaborative approach helped refine their technology to be as effective as it is today.

Continuous Improvement

One of the most exciting aspects of ZeroGPT is its commitment to getting even better. The team isn't satisfied with just a 98% accuracy rate. They're on a mission to push this number higher as they analyze more texts. Their goal? To reduce the error rate to less than 1%. This dedication to improvement means ZeroGPT is always getting smarter, making it an even more reliable tool over time.

Is ZeroGPT Right for You?

So, what does this all mean for you? If you're concerned about the authenticity of text, whether it's for academic, professional, or personal use, ZeroGPT offers a reliable way to check. Its high accuracy rate, grounded in rigorous analysis and cutting-edge technology, makes it a trusted option. Plus, the team's ongoing efforts to enhance their system mean it's only going to get better.


ZeroGPT is a tool that's effective for identifying AI-generated text, yet it's crucial to remember that its precision isn't flawless, especially with technical subjects like's mechanisms. For reliable outcomes, it's advisable to use ZeroGPT alongside traditional editing tools, being mindful of its limitations in accuracy.

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