I Found A NEW Way To Bypass GPTZero! [WORKING IN 2024]

I Found A NEW Way To Bypass GPTZero! [WORKING IN 2024]
"This DESTROYED My ChatGPT Workflow!"
- Ezekiel Whitlock, Forbes Editor
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Humanize Text

What Is GPTZero

GPTZero interface reads: "More than an AI detector Preserve what's human."

GPTZero is a tool that detects if text was written by a human or an AI. This tool is especially useful for teachers and business organizations to check if students have cheated in their work. It checks documents for signs that they might have been generated by AI models like ChatGPT or GPT-3. It highlights parts of the text it thinks are not written by a human and gives a plagiarism score. This is really useful in schools where teachers need to know if students are doing their own work.

Features of GPTZero

Plagiarism Scoring: One key feature is the plagiarism score, which shows how much of a document might not be original. This is crucial for me as an educator because it helps me quickly see if students might have copied from somewhere or used a bot to write essays.

AI Text Highlighting: GPTZero also highlights sections of text that seem to be AI-generated. This is important because it allows users to focus on specific parts of a document to review. It’s good at finding patterns that don't look like typical human writing, such as overly formal language or unusual sentence structures.

Batch Uploads for Classrooms: Another feature that stands out is the ability to upload multiple documents at once. This is a big time-saver during grading periods. I can upload all my class's essays at once and quickly check them with GPTZero. This lets me spend more time teaching and less time checking if work is original.

How GPTZero Works To Detect AI-Generated Text

GPT Zero 'request edits' feature description

GPTZero is designed to pick out text that might not have been written by a human. It looks for specific clues that are often seen in text created by AI, like how the sentences are put together or if the same phrases keep popping up. Let me explain how this tool has been a part of my daily routine.

Initial Text Analysis

When I enter a piece of text into GPTZero, the first thing it does is scan for unusual patterns. These can include sentences that seem twisted or words that get repeated too much. It’s really about catching those little signs that might suggest the text was generated by a computer program.

In-depth Language Model Use

The core of GPTZero's capability lies in its language model, which is quite sophisticated. This model has learned from a vast amount of both human-written and AI-generated texts. It uses this knowledge to guess the likelihood of certain words appearing in AI-generated texts. This part of the tool is crucial because it helps differentiate between what might be a human’s creative choice of words and what is likely machine-generated.

Highlighting and Scoring

If GPTZero spots patterns that suggest the text is AI-generated, it does two things: it highlights those parts and assigns a plagiarism score. This score helps me understand how much of the text might not be original. I find this extremely helpful because it quantifies the potential issues, allowing me to make informed decisions on what to do next.

Review and Action

After GPTZero marks these sections, it’s up to me to review them. I need to look at the highlighted parts and decide whether they make sense. Sometimes, the tool might flag a section that's actually fine, but it looked suspicious. It's my job to use my judgment here.

How To Workaround GPTZero Detection

Man gets caught using ChatGPT

Here's how I've successfully managed to avoid getting my AI content detected on GPT Zero by using Twixify and QuillBot. Twixify allows deep customization of AI text through its custom mode, where I often adjust the style to match my own writing. This personalized approach helps the content pass as human-created when checked by GPT Zero. Undetectable AI also has a similar process and works very effectively against GPTZero. Similarly, using QuillBot for paraphrasing, I input ChatGPT-structured text, tweak it for fluency, and ensure the paraphrased output doesn't trigger detection systems. Both methods have proven effective, with regular double-checks to guarantee the content's authenticity. This practice is essential for anyone needing to maintain the human-like quality of their digital text without getting flagged by sophisticated detection tools.

Method 1 - How To Bypass GPT Zero Detection With Twixify

Man is using Twixify to avoid GPT detection

Twixify offers a unique solution for content creators who frequently encounter obstacles with AI detection systems that can block or filter their work. This tool is designed to adapt AI-generated content so it appears more human, improving the likelihood of reaching the intended audience without detection.

Start by Grabbing Your AI Text

First off, gather any piece of text written by an AI. Where it comes from doesn't really matter. I usually pull stuff from different tools I'm testing, but anything works. This makes Twixify super versatile.

Paste the Text into Twixify

Now, find the big input box on the left side once you’re on Twixify. This is where you paste your AI text. Simple, right? This sets you up for the next parts, which are all about tweaking the text to fool GPTZero.

Humanize ChatGPT's Output To Bypass AI Detection ↓
Humanize Text
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Choose the Right Mode – Go Custom

Here’s a pro tip: always opt for the custom mode. This lets you make deeper changes to the text. Since GPTZero is pretty sharp at spotting AI stuff, these deeper changes are what help your text pass off as human. It’s like adding a personal touch.

Make It Sound Like You

In the custom mode, you can actually make the text sound like it’s coming from you. I often input examples of my own writing – like the passage on rendering I mentioned earlier. Twixify uses this to adjust the AI text to match my style. It’s pretty neat because it feels like it’s really me talking.

Set the Complexity Just Right

You can tweak how complex or simple the text is. I stick to the defaults because they usually hit the mark, making the text easy to read yet smart enough. This is great for keeping things clear without dumbing it down too much.

Hit ‘Humanize

This is where the magic happens. Press the 'humanize' button and watch Twixify rework your AI text into something that sounds totally human. It keeps your message but changes how it’s delivered. I’ve done this a bunch of times, and it’s spot on at making sure GPTZero can’t tell it’s AI-generated.

Double-Check with GPTZero

After Twixify does its thing, I always run the text through GPTZero to make sure it passes as human-written. Think of it as your safety check. If it clears, you’re good to go! This step is critical because it confirms all your tweaks worked like a charm.

Method 2 - How To Bypass GPT Zero Detection With Quillbot

User becoming frustrated at the output of Quillbot.

Another way that I've found to bypass GPT Zero is by using either QuillBot or it's competitor; Undetecable AI for paraphrasing. This method has worked effectively for me in various scenarios, and here's a breakdown of how you can use it too.

Using QuillBot for Paraphrasing

This method is straightforward: you first input your AI-generated content into ChatGPT to ensure it's well-structured and informative. Then, take this output and feed it into QuillBot. The key here is to use the paraphrasing tool to alter the phrasing significantly enough that GPT Zero doesn't recognize the underlying AI patterns.

Why Use QuillBot?

QuillBot has a robust paraphrasing engine that offers different modes and settings, allowing you to adjust the paraphrase's complexity and style. This versatility is excellent for tailoring the text to sound more human-like, which is crucial for passing GPT Zero's checks. I typically set it to 'Fluency' mode to keep the text sounding natural and smooth.

Dealing with Character Limits

Be aware that QuillBot has a character limit for free users. If your text exceeds this limit, you might need to paraphrase in chunks or use a summarizing feature like tl;dr in ChatGPT to condense the text before paraphrasing. This step ensures you stay within the free tier limits without sacrificing content quality.

Final Verification

Once QuillBot has processed your text, it’s wise to check it again with GPT Zero. This double-check confirms that the alterations have effectively masked the AI signatures, ensuring your text appears entirely human-crafted. I do this every time to make sure everything looks good from a human perspective.


To bypass GPTZero detection using Twixify, first paste your AI-generated text into Twixify’s custom mode to deeply modify and personalize it, making it sound more human. Then, hit the 'humanize' button to refine the text and run it through GPTZero to ensure it passes as human-written.

True Or False?

ChatGPT generated content can be detected by Google and Teachers?